San Diego show is now online

The San Diego Show is now online here:

We stopped in Cardiff by the Sea for lunch with Tim Huckaby and his wife, Kelly. We took a few photos at the beach across the sea from Los Olas, where they have awesome fish tacos.

Mark Miller rode in the boat from Austin to LA, and Woody Pewit hopped on in Phoenix and rode to San Diego with us. After the event in Pheonix, following the DNR recording we shot in the boat, we were heading back to the hotel when a certain midnight hunger overtook us. The only thing open was the Del Taco drive-thru. It was obvious that the boat would never make it through the drive-thru lane, so Woody and I jumped out in the parking lot and walked around to the window to place an order. We get to the window, and there's a small blue car at the window waiting for food. Sensing the strangeness of the situation and thinking it might make a good story for my blog, I took Woody's picture standing at the drive-thru. Click to enlarge:

Then, I hand the camera to Woody and he takes my picture. Again, click to enlarge:

All of a sudden the guy gets out of the car and starts yelling at us. Something about his privacy and the camera... the license plate... I'm not sure what he was raving about but it didn't make any sense. Maybe it was a stolen car, I don't know. I assured him we would destroy the pictures of his car and that we would NOT post them on my blog, and that his privacy would be protected at all costs. Anyway, here's the dude. Don't tell anyone, ok? He's a little sensitive.

Just in case you didn't see his face, here it is again:

OK, here are the guest photos:

Tim Huckaby

Blair Jennings

Bill Sheldon

Michele Leroux Bustamante

Adam Calderon

David McCarter

John Bowen

Keith Rule

Woody Pewit


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