Road Trip Matierials

We have just published my code and Richard Campbell's PPT from the Road Trip events here:

I'm flying home in a couple hours. I'll be working on a big post with more pictures and stories from the road.

We'll have the Launch show online Monday, and the DevConnections show (with Mark Miller!) online the following Monday.


  • Ah, two fine shows coming right up and goodies to go with it. I ran into DNR right at the beginning of the road trip, so having the frequency back to normal is going cold turkey for me. But what an introduction, what a ride :)

    Hope the flight went well and it must be great to be back home again.

  • It is a total killer to be in the GMT+1. Aaarrrgghh. The East Coast is now only past it's first coffee and the West Coast is just waking up. Right here my working day is coming to a screeching halt, er, regular end and I'll be off to me evening helpdesk. Please make sure it's up by 2pm EST. Please.......

    So I can download, burn it and listen on the way back home.

  • OK, so we didn't have the launch show up this morning. Working on it now.


  • Welcome back home to Connecticut, Carl!

  • Carl, you should code something that syncs the "Show Notification RSS Feed" automatically when you add new shows... or is it just advertising? :-)

    Because I keep visiting the website checking for new episodes...

  • Hi Carl,

    thanks, once again a great show, I got it somewhere on tuesday if I remember correctly but it's a bit hazy and don't even start on adjusting 'somewhere in tuesday' for timezones. You've been in four, each of those 6 to 9 hours away form mine.

    When you have time to look back on the road trip, let us know what you think.

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