Road Trip Party in San Fran

I didn't take any pictures at the End-Of-Road-Trip party in San Francisco Sunday the 6th, but I can tell you it was a load of fun. It was thrown by Innerworkings, a new sponsor of DNR and proud sponsor of the Road Trip at the Thirsty Bear right down the street from the conference center. They had great home-brewed beverages which we partook thereof. A few of our fans made it, Jay Roxe was there, Jas Sandhu from the evangelism team, Stacy Giard from the mobility team, a handful of the Innerworkings people, and - I think- some drunks who wandered in off the street. They were particularly impressed with the buffalo wings. There is a group picture here in a story on Innerworkings that hit the press this weekend.

If anyone else has pictures from the party, please share, if only to tell the world that programmer geeks like a good brew just like the rest of the populace.

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