DNR This Week: Mark Miller Wraps it Up


Before we went on the road we spoke to Mark Miller about component-oriented architecture and other related topics. We wanted to finish what we started with Mark, and move on to Graphics programming, especially in the DXCore, a free component toolkit from Developer Express that CodeRush and Refactor use extensively.



  • Ach, a show with Mark M. Zat's immer sehr schweet.

  • How about a UK road trip?

  • A UK Trip would be great.

    Give me a call and I'll tell you where to send the money. :-)

    Seriously, I would *love* to do a UK - or even a European - road trip.

  • Hey, wait a sec, there's people on the continent, too, you know :D

    And there's nothing like a Mondays in Monster (where I live, what are the odds?). Real easy to find too. It's in one of the largest greenhouse areas, so at night you can see it from the moon. Come sit in my garden on a cloudy night and you should be able to read a book (for all you young geeks: that's a printed file) by the reflection of the assimilation lights.

    Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any physical or mental damage during or after it. Mark should be none the worse for it but the rest of you might suffer slight damage.

  • Oops, Carl, missed that you already mentioned the continent.

    But I imagine that it's a lot of organising and effort from your side. You don't just hop over for a bit.

    Well, I just hope you can get it together some time.

  • Guys wuld love you to come to Scotland on your UK roadtrip. (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen). Also bear in mind the VBUG group in UK as guys all over the UK you could go round visiting them.....

    Cheers George Gallagher VBUG UK

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