This week on dnrTV - Brian Noyes on Databinding in .NET 2.0

Brian Noyes on Databinding in .NET 2.0

Brian Noyes goes beyond this week's .NET Rocks! interview to show you exactly how to get the most out of data binding in .NET 2.0


  • Hate to nag again but the rss feed for the torrent has not been updated to reflect the new show. I manually downloaded the torrent from the home page to provide the seed.

  • Can we have the dnrSCREENCAST videos to support adjustable playing speed?

  • Carl, great episode, really love the show.

    Just a question really, in the third part of the demo, Brian was using the underlying dataset to hydrate a custom business object mapping row instances to object instances. I have heard you talking about wrapping a dataset, or "hanging a business object" off the dataset, was the demo a suggested implementation of that idea?

    Many thanks,


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