This week on dnrTV - Venkat is Back with Generics!

Venkat is Back with Generics!

Venkat Subramaniam is back to talk about Generics. This may be the first Generics demo you've seen that does not use collections (we're proud of that). Of course, Venkat brings his inquisitive style to the topic. You're sure to enjoy it!


  • Kudos to you for having a great episode and being very useful! I just wish you Venkat had time to show the delegate example or if it was possible to download it.

  • This is an excellent episode that I enjoyed a lot and love to play all over again. Thanks! Venkat is indeed a methodical instructor because he managed to soften the impact of Generics complexity on my feeble brain. My favorite is the last 1 or 2 minutes of part 2 where he comfirmed that .NET Generics implementation is indeed very much superior and as a .NET advocate, that made me smile.

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