This week on Mondays - The Effin Show!

The Effin Show

Carl pleads that the crew refrain from using the F-word to avoid going broke on editing costs. Mark is in The Netherlands suffering from terminal reverberation, Karen lays down the smack on her so-called friends, Carl learns the importance of being PC the hard way, and Richard resurfaces with some killer USB toys.


  • Mark sounded a bit under the water (sic) but otherwise a fscking great show.

    I was listening with my wife sitting at the dinner table (hey, it's Mondays, where else can you listen to it) with a cuppa coffee and munchies.

    I've been listening to old shows as well and I have a request: could you make Active Nick to make an occasional guest appearance (but he needs to do a bit of that Canadian French thing - like 'Les Garcons de plus idiot de mois' or 'Les Hommes vieux qui sont ne pas du tete sans pantalons dans le journal'

  • Actually, seeing as the all-important 50th show is coming up soon, it'd be really cool if you somehow managed to round up some of the Mondays alums (as weird as it sounds, I actually miss Geoff and Active Nick) and do something really awesome.



  • 440126.. Peachy :)

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