dnrTV #10 - Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 1 of 2

Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 1 of 2

Jean Paul Boodhoo gets real with TDD in this the first ofa two-part series on TDD. Instead of showing simple brain-dead samples, JP uses a Model-View-Presenter solution to populate a drop-down listbox on a web page. This is a really great way to get into the discipline of TDD.



  • Could you update the RSS feed, it is still pointing to Show #9 Venkat is Back with Generics.

  • I think I need to rewrite the way that the feeds automatically get updated. Been having problems lately.

  • Looks like it is working now, came back from lunch and it was done :)

  • BT really flies when you have 20+ seeds. :-)

  • Yep, great show Carl and Jean Paul, and looking forward to next week. To be honest, I'm still not convinced about the value/effort trade-off regarding TDD, having never utilised it in a project.

    The other thing I thought of is that Jean Paul (being a well organised and prepared presenter!) obviously knew exactly what he was going to write before writing the tests. I'd like to see an 'adhoc' problem thrown at him and see how he goes about coding the tests and getting a solution working. To me, that would be of great value.

    Cheers and thanks again for a valuable series Carl.

  • Can we have the dnrSCREENCAST videos to support adjustable playing speed?

  • stating to wonder if it's me or ....

    no live media now or the last time and no IRC

    ( IRC -- could be IE7 problem?? )


  • We've put the live stuff on hold since January until we have an engineer in house again, which should be soon.

  • Ahhh....

    I wish the web site said that.

    ( or did I miss it? )

    had me thinking I was beeing black-holed from DNR Live... which would suck :-)

  • Hi,

    where can I get the latest version of NMock2? There are no files at sourceforge.net.

  • Just a few more observations

    Sources are aailable at the nmock project on SourceForge. Just check out nmock2 module or go to <a target="_new" href="http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/nmock/nmock2/">http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/nmock/nmock2/

    The website's sources for NMock2 are also at SourceForge ( http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/*checkout*/nmock/nmock2/website/content/download.html?rev=1.3 ). They mention stable builds but don't link to them yet, so I guess this is just a placeholder. They also link to the ThoughtWorks' CruiseControl.net server for unstable builds, which looks like the only option at the moment. Of course, unstable in this context means &quot;changes a lot&quot;, not necessarily &quot;will cause application instability/crashes&quot;.

  • Mauricio, thank you very much!

  • Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for the feeback. Feel free to visit my blog where I am going to post links related to the DNRTv show. I will also place a link to download the build of NMock2 that I used on the show. Currently, that build is still in the NMock2 CVS repository. I will make it available for download from my blog for convienience.

  • Watching this video was painful. It reminded me why doing TDD is usually a waste of time and counter productive.

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