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  • Coming clean about the road trip...

    I can't take it any more. I've kept a secret from you, my listening public, and it has been eating me up inside ever since that fateful day in San Diego. We were driving from San Diego to Los Angeles when we heard a loud THUMP as if we just hit something big. Being up so high, you know, you don't alway see what's going on right under your nose. It's got big windows and all but sometimes people do silly things... like run out in the road right in front of you, and before you know it you've hit them.

    Well that's exactly what happened to us. We pulled over and looked back, but we didn't see anyone or anything lying in the road. Then we looked at the front of the RV and we saw this: (scroll down)


  • Regarding the audio quality of the VBUG show...

    We got email from a few listeners concerned about the audio quality during the group interview in this week's DNR. So, here's the story:

    The conference was held at the Microsoft office in Reading. The audio visual guys there take their job very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that the answer to all our requests for recording was "you've got to be joking." As the first day progressed it looked like we weren't going to get a recording. I had to get borderline rude with the guy to get him to agree to send a feed to the stage from which I could record. We had 10 minutes in which to do this and get it up and running. There were 6 lav mics. three on one side of the room, and three on the other. Apparently the feed we got only had signal from one half of the room. I tested my microphone when I got the feed plugged into our recording device, and there was signal. Silly me. I assumed that since my mic was coming through and we could also HEAR all the other mics, that everyone's signal would be included in the feed. Nope. We didn't discover this until after the recording.

    Geoff did the best he could of manually increasing the signal of the guys off mic (picked up from the three that worked) but as you can imagine, or perhaps you've heard, it sounds really crappy.

    Lesson learned: The next time we go to a conference with the intent of recording a show we are going to bring our own lavs, our own mixer, and our own sound enginner. If the host won't pay T&E for the enginneer we will won't expect to get a recording out of it.

  • Feedback from the Road Trip Evals

    I was going through the Road Trip evaluations and jotted down some of the comments. Here they are in random order:

    "These guys get me excited about stuff I hadn't considered"
    "The asynchronous demo opened my eyes! It's going to save me at work!"
    "It's highly appreciated that low cost learning events such as this helps low budget guys like me keep learning and getting exposure to new knowledge."
    "Extremely beneficial."
    "Great speakers. Great topics. Awesome swag!"
    "This is the future. Let's roll!"
    "Love your show. Thanks for everything you do!"
    "Great event. Good VS.NET capability explanations. Very cool mobile device discussion."
    "Great breadth of mobile coverage."
    "Thank you very much for a great show! I as well as the crowd clearly appreciate the road show landing in Phoenix!"
    "Great presentation!"
    "Both speakers were well prepared, demonstrated interesting topics, and kept the audience's attention."
    "Great Job! Wonderful humor and energy!!!"
    "Should have given the Code Rush guy 5 minutes to talk so he'd stop annoyingly interrupting!"
    "Extremely entertaining with lots of valuable info. Learned a lot in the mobile presentation."
    "The Road Trip Rocks!!"

  • Road Trip Party in San Fran

    I didn't take any pictures at the End-Of-Road-Trip party in San Francisco Sunday the 6th, but I can tell you it was a load of fun. It was thrown by Innerworkings, a new sponsor of DNR and proud sponsor of the Road Trip at the Thirsty Bear right down the street from the conference center. They had great home-brewed beverages which we partook thereof. A few of our fans made it, Jay Roxe was there, Jas Sandhu from the evangelism team, Stacy Giard from the mobility team, a handful of the Innerworkings people, and - I think- some drunks who wandered in off the street. They were particularly impressed with the buffalo wings. There is a group picture here in a story on Innerworkings that hit the press this weekend.

    If anyone else has pictures from the party, please share, if only to tell the world that programmer geeks like a good brew just like the rest of the populace.

  • Road Trip Prizewinner Update

    If you won a prize on the road trip and are feeling lonely because nobody has contacted you yet, don't worry. We have shipped all the information from Las Vegas (along with all the other junk we brought along) and we expect to have it on Monday. At that time we'll compile all the winners (who we have documented) and send the appropriate notifications.

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Los Angeles Show Update

    We must be having some insane problems with our software, because the second attempt at fixing the LA show has gotten us ALMOST to the end of the show, but not quite.

    The only part that's missing is Woody Pewit telling us how much he enjoyed us coming to town and all. We'll get the entire show up as soon as we can, but for now, all the stories are there, so enjoy!