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February 2004 - Posts

Speaking at TechEd in San-Diego
I just found out that I'll be speaking at Tech-Ed in San Diego. I have at least one talk, maybe more. I'll keep you posted. Now we have to do a show from there, Rory...
Great drum sound with only 2 mics
To add more evidence to my argument that you don't need to spend more than a couple hundred bucks on a microphone, listen to this my latest in-studio creation. I used only two Marshall large diaphragm condenser mics (less than 200 bucks) about 4 feet from the kit on either side pointing to the middle of the set. For EQ I only brought up the low end a bit, that's all. I also copied out a snare hit, added reverb, and looped it to add a little spice to the snare. Other than that, it's perfectly flat.
Get at your local DevDays!

If you want to get the PDC build of .NET Widbey (including VS.NET, VB.NET, C#, and ASP.NET) get your butt over to DevDays in your local area. In particular, I'm concerned that not enough people will show up in Hartford, and they'll have to cancel it. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN! Register today to let Microsoft know that you WANT YOUR WHIDBEY!  </soapbox>

Chris Sells and Rory interview Carl on .NET Rocks!
Carl Speaks! Chris and Rory interview Carl about communications programming (serial, sockets, and MIDI), teaching, and the meaning of life. It's a fun and informative show, that you shouldn't miss.  Carl talks about his framework for communicating over sockets to PocketPCs and other devices where web services and remoting are not supported or don't make sense. Chris wonders why Carl still uses VB.NET (joke) and Carl asks the proverbial question "Can't we all just get along?"  Rory is in a state of shock over the fact that he is interviewing Carl from Chris Sells' house.
This is not a live show. We will be doing live shows in earnest starting February 20.
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Rockhead Update

With all the buzz and hoopla over our new live format, I thought I'd let you all know what the next few weeks have in store.

There will be no live show this Friday or next. We will start doing the live shows regularly on Friday, Feb 20th. Rory will be co-hosting via Skype on the 20th and 27th, and then he will be IN THE FLESH on Friday, March 5th.

Monday (Feb 9) we will air a show recorded a while back in which Chris Sells and Rory interview me (it was Chris' idea). It's actually a pretty technical show, and very funny (I think).

The following Monday (Feb 16th) we will air the second in our “.NET Success Stories” show with Chris Kinsman and Jesse Ezell. Both have some great stories about real projects that they've done with .NET technologies. 

That Friday (Feb 20) we will go live with a show pitting .NET against Java in an all-out bitch-slap smackdown. Actually, it will be a semi-civilized discussion with two Java and .NET Wonks that you may know: Ted Neward ( and Bruce Tate (of Bitter Java fame). That will be quite a show. In fact, I can forsee Rory getting into it more than myself, not having done a lot of Java.

The following Friday, Feb 27, we'll interview the one and only Scott Hanselman. You had a taste of his genius in show number 17 (about a year ago) and now he's back to lay even MORE cool-ass websites and links on you.

We have a public schedule online at

I am writing a Windows Service in VB.NET that will call a web service to determine if there is a new show available and automatically download the new stuff to a directory of your choice.  That will make it easy for you to be a true fan!

Also, we're courting Sprint as a regular sponsor.  With Sprint's PCS wireless Internet card I listen to the live .NET Rocks! stream (and other shows) on my iPaq. I get about 50Kbs on it, and it works wherever Sprint PCS phones work. I got the card at Radio shack for about 300 bucks, and I pay 80 bucks a month for unlimited Internet use. It works just about everywhere. I truly hope they go for it.

More to come!

Check out Bob Reselman's novel, Coding Slave

Bob is going to come on the show in a few weeks and talk about it.  The URL is There are some sample chapters up there. I read the beta. It's pretty cool.

Bob is one of us. He's a developer turned author, and I was intrigued by this book. I'm not used to reading novels about developers, but this is worth the read. 


.NET Rocks! Live 1.0 is now online

Hey, it's our first Live .NET Rocks! Show EVER! Oh yeah, we recorded a show live at the PDC, but we didn't broadcast it live! What's more, Carl's co-host is none-other than the infamous Rory Blyth

This show is 2 hours long, and commenced Friday, January 30, 2004 at 12PM EST, 9AM PST.

In the first hour, Bill Vaughn and Peter Blackburn talk about SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft's foray into the data reporting market.

In the second hour, Carl and Rory welcome noted VB and PC guru Dan Appleman to talk about marketing hype, how developers are spending their time, and his new book Always Use Protection

Rory is moving to New London March 1st. So, the new live show format will commence March 5th, and will be only format for .NET Rocks! going forward. Remember! Friday's at Noon Eastern!

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