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Get a heads up on running multiple versions of the Framework.[ShowUsYour-Blog!]

I read Darren's post, and subsequently the referenced article by Early & Adopter, and I must say that both were extremely helpful.

I haven't yet applied v1.1 of the Framework at the office, but I am using SxS execution at home, and I have run into a similar problem the Darren outlined - I just kind of moved on to the next thing I could try out - didn't really think it over too much.

So does this mean that you're kind of bound to the version of VS.NET that you have loaded? Not according to the article. I wonder if the hard-coded framework issue applies also to SharpDevelop and WebMatrix, which are the tools I use at home. It would be interesting to find out!

Mark forwarded me a link today of a site that pushes DHMTL to the max.  I've gone on record before about my loathing for web development*, but I know a lot of you out there are web dev's so maybe you can pick up a trick or two from youngpup.net.

Wha'ts great is he has open sourced the entire site, and it has lots of cool goodies...

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Nothing aginst web developers, actually the opposite.  I have an enormous amount of respect for you guys.  I spent a few years in asp hell, and I'm so done with cross browser incompatibilities, weak UI support and scripting languages.  ugghhh... kudos to ya'll

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I've used some of youngpup's stuff, and I must agree with Darren. If you haven't tried it, and you've got a couple of different browsers like me, try browsing the site with Opera and then IE - pretty nifty if you ask me.


I decided to go ahead and try to start building something in the control arena - something I haven't visited for some months now.

I figured it would be a good idea to start with a pretty solid idea - the rollover image link. I'm using Andy Smith's RollOverLink as kind of a starting point - see one of our normal requirements at work is to display a statusbar message when an image link is 'moused over', so I figured I'd add this as another property of Andy's great control. Thanks for the kick start, Andy!

next, I think I'm going to add a configurationSectionHandler, based very loosely on the config handler of the ExceptionManagement ApplicationBlock - meaning I want to take an attribute oriented approach to populating the various properties of my control.

I guess I should mention that I got this idea for a particular splash page that govern a lot of the web apps that I put together, so the config section will probably be specific to that app, while the control I might just start using all over the place.

Today I'm applying OOP changes to a VB.NET dll that was upgraded from VB6 - so that means I'm taking out all of the On Error GoTo fnName_Error and Replacing them with Try..catch...end Try's.

This is taking some getting useed to. I'm so accustomed to adding the semicolon; at the end of a line that my pinky pushes that key just by habit...rrrgh.

I've also decided to add Microsoft's Exception Management Application Block whil doing this little upgrade, because what better place to start, eh? A big help when starting out with this particular AppBlock was a quick read of this article, which not only explains how to get the default Exception publisher working, but also how to define your own simple custom publishers.

Bleh - I hate coding with VB, but I guess it's good to expand one's horizons.

Today Seems like an extended Moday as far as my development goes. I've tried about 3 or 4 different tings on my current project that just don't seem to be working as I would expect them to. Of course, that's the point, isn't it? I've had a few brain farts in my past development cycle, all of which ended up being just oversights on my end - you know, the type of thing that really bites you, and then when you figure it out, you let out a resounding "d'oh!".

Well, I guess the only thing I can really do is keep plugging away at it, maybe a solution will surface. Till next time - blog ya later.

Okay, it's not as if anyone is reading this - but for those of you who are (hey, Chris!) - here is why I didn't post yesterday.

I've been working with DataDynamic's ActiveReports for .NET on my current project. It's a pretty cool report engine, and I was able to set up an export in PDF format with a lot of ease. I prefer this product over others right now because it integrates well within the VS.NET IDE, which is my weapon of choice. I'm working on getting the output formatted the way I want - I'm trying to get a bunch of 'textboxes' to look like a table/datagrid - but this stuff ain't html.

Anyways, thanks for reading, Chris. I've got to report back to reporting. caio!

I'm getting to the clean-up phase of porting an asp.old project to .NET. It's about time! I finally tackled a problem I ran into with a vb6 component that was run thru VS.NET to be converted to VB.NET - I couldn't figure it out till I used a 'magik number' hard coded into part of my application. 1 based arrays. Why?! Why I say!?! I've always been accustomed to using 0-based arrays, and as I've stepped thru the code I've seen this behavior in some of the VB.NET arrays - they place an element into the element at 0 that says <empty element used to adjust for 1 based array>.

Well, in this case it didn't happen like that. Oh, well. Just one of those things I guess.

I've decided to try and make my life a little easier. Controls. I've jumped into them a little in the past, but now I may have a little more time to put some extra thought into it. What I would like to do is encapsulate client-side behaviors like .htc's or javascript components and wrap it up in a drag-n-droppable asp.net server control. This leaves open a lot of possibilities...so I guess now is the time to generate ideas.

What better to do on a Monday morning than find out which type of OS your personality is matched with? Makes you look nice and busy, and from the other blogs I am reading, [Darren] , [Don ] , and [Sam] have taken the quiz...so why can't I?

Well, I turned out to be OS2 -
Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

Other than that, it's back to the old 'interop blues' for me. I've got to get this asp.old porting project done so I can move on to something that I can innovate with - something with style, ya know?


My boss asked me to come into work today to explain accessing a database in .NET to one of our developers who mainly codes in C. It was pretty interesting - this guy is an amazing programmer, but as I said mainly codes in C so is a .NET novice. I was able to explain dataAdapters and dataSets in a way that a C programmer would understand - pretty neat-o if you ask me.

I'll be the first one to tell you that I have not reached a level of programming to be able to say - "I am THE programmer!", but I know .NET fairly well anyway. Today I explained one of those cool .NET aspects to someone who probably can say he is THE programmer. Has anyone else done something like this?



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