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I got back from seeing Ethan monster late Sunday afternoon...I'm just too proud. My boy is walking like a champ! Talking, too. I was holding him, and he reached out, grabbed my nose, and said "noshe".

I've got to say, tho - the best part of the weekend was when I was taking him inside and he laid his head on my shoulder, gave me a squeeze and said, "Daddy". That says it all.


Ya know, the site that's set up for us dotnetwebloggers is real cool. You can do everything there.

I'd like to see similar functionality added to my aggregator - I want to post stories, admin my blog, add links that will show up on the site, etc in AspNetWebLog. Is that asking too much? If it is, how about more methods that I could use from the webservice that would let me build my own 'smart client' (is that what this thing is called?) to go on top of AspNetWebLog - I want full control from my desktop. Plus, it would give me a chance to play with WinForms, which I have only dabbled a little bit in.

Maybe we'll see some of this in the next version. I'm holding my breath!

Make that, girl am I glad to see you. ...

Which brings me to my next question, why aren't there more female Bloggers here?  If there are of you out there thinking about it, please sign up!  I'd love to see more feminine faces around here, and we won't even make you blog in pink...

Datagrid Girl

[Datagrid Girl]

Amen! More smart females, please! Blonde or not...whateva.

Great to see you, D.


but, that's where I'm going tomorrow. My son lives there with his brother, their mom (baby's momma:), and Nana and Papa (the Grandparents). It's going to be a 5 hour drive, but I'm more concerned about the lack of sleep I think I'm gonna get tonight - I haven't seen Ethan or any of them for 2 months now.

Wish me luck.

This is what I love about blogging here. I not only got to work out the problem in a different way than I would have alone, but I also got some great perspective from others before I go and make a decision. After I got to step away from the problem, I decided that my initial gripe may have a silver lining. Here's what I mean:

First, let's put ourselves in the user's position. The user in this case will most likely be a Geophysicist that could talk you into a hole about Checkshot velocities, wavelets, etc, but has limited useage of the internet or web applications. I want the user to feel like she has complete control over the data that they can manipulate, but at the same time, I want that data to be valid. Personally, I think it would be counter intuitive to have a 'delete value' button by every textbox (and there are a lot of them), so if I were the user and I wanted to get rid of a previous value, would I automatically think, "Oh, gee, this started off as N/A - I better change it back."? No. No I'm not. I'm gonna highlight whatever I typed in before, hit backspace, and click the update button. That's what I'm used to, and I fear change.:S

I guess my initial gripe was simply the fact that the Regular Expression Validator does not validate the Regex strictly. It validates the Regex and an empty string. Does this make sense to anyone else? If I want to validate something as (\d{1}), I'm looking for something b/t 0 and 9, not something b/t 0 and 9 OR oh yeah, an empty string will work, too. Thanks to everyone who helped me think this problem thru - I'm sure we all know what the real answer is, don't we? IT'S CLIPPY!!

So I'm trying to get a regular expression validator to work - ya know, validate my data. I'm a reeeeal novice when it comes to regex, so with a little help and tweaking, this is what I come up with:

ValidationExpression = "(\d{1,8}(\.\d{1,2})?)|(\d{0,8}(\.\d{1,2}))|(N\/A)"

Because I want a decimal number OR N/A, which is the default value that each of my textboxes (in this case) are populated with. This regular expression works. Almost. I could *not* figure out why I could add an empty string or a bunch of spaces and it validates as true. So I took a look at the WebUIValidation.js that the validators use.

function RegularExpressionValidatorEvaluateIsValid(val) {

var value = ValidatorGetValue(val.controltovalidate);

if (ValidatorTrim(value).length == 0)

return true;

var rx = new RegExp(val.validationexpression);

var matches = rx.exec(value);

return (matches != null && value == matches[0]);


The important bit is the if(ValidatorTrim) part. It's valid if there is nothing there! Maybe I'm just's *probably* because I'm dense, but I want my regular expression validator to match my regular expression *only*. I know I could add a required field validator, but that is not correct. It's *not* a required field - that's why N/A is a valid value. But a space/no entry is not. I want the value in my field to be :

a decimal number OR "N/A" ONLY!

grrrrrrr...I don't know if I should modify the WebUIValidation.js or write my own control that will strictly match a Regular Expression. Sucks on empty strings.


...the first issue of Ingo's Distributed .NET Newsletter. If you are doing anything distributed in .NET, you need to be subscribed. Heck, you need to be subscribed anyhow because almost anything Ingo says is brilliant. [Sam Gentile's Blog]

Agreed. I was very happy to see it waiting in my inbox. Thanks Ingo!

[ScottW's ASP.NET WebLog]

I hate to be all me too and whatnot, but I must chime in concurrance. (just to spice up me too). I like the layout, it fits with Ingo's site in layout / color scheme, and the content - of course! But the layout is what first grabbed my attention  - not just another 'oh here's a bunch of hyperlinks in text' newsletters. Sweeet. :)

I just added a story describing how I've made my ImageLink control jump thru some more hoops for an application-specific purpose. If anyone is interested, you can find it here.

I finally did it. I 'upgraded' my home pc to XP. It took forever, probably b/c I have a pretty slow processor - 400mhz, but it's up, it's running, and I didn't lose any of the file structure.

I did have to start over 1 time, b/c I ran into a registry problem on setup, but barring that and how long it took, it was pretty painless! Now, all I have to do is convince the higher ups at work that I should do the same on my dev boxes there - and Bob's your uncle, Chris is finally a part of the 21st century!

Just a quick post - I've been toying w/ the idea of a software KVM - using terminal services. Keith gave me a link for the client which he says works great. I'll have to check it out tomorrow.

Link -

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