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Nick Berardi asks:

How did you format this code, I really like that.

It was pretty easy, I used some code that I modified from the original SquishySyntaxHighlighter component written by Adam Sills. The original code uses lots of [span style=] tags, and even uses javascript to collapse/expand #regions if you're using code written from Visual Studio.NET. I modified it to use mostly [font] tags and 86'ed the javascript, so it would show up in an aggregator better.

So I wanted to allow for this, right? What if I find something on the net that just begs me to post it, and I want to use the url as the source for my post? Well, it's insanely easy...but you still have to wire it up a little bit. From the article I found (using google, of course), I changed the source code to this:

1 private void txtUrl_DragEnter(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs e) {
2 if(e.Data.GetDataPresent(DataFormats.Text)){
3 e.Effect = DragDropEffects.All;
4 }
5 }
7 private void txtUrl_DragDrop(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.DragEventArgs e) {
8 this.txtUrl.Text = e.Data.GetData(DataFormats.Text).ToString();
9 }

where txtUrl is the url I want to use as a source for my post. Set AllowDrop = true in the designer, and you're good to go.

My cousin finally got a weblog but I can't subsribe to it!

I sent these people an email asking them to at least include permalinks and a public rss feed. You have to join the site to do anything, even sign a guestbook.

I wasted a good part of an hour trying to find somewhere on the site that I didn't have to sign in to, and ended up sending the email to abuse. oops.

So am I wrong to want permalinks and an rss feed? Or should I tell my cousin to choose another provider?

Sorry ScottW.

Let's hope the third time is the charm.

heh. looks like it failed :)

Julien Ellie, you rock. In response to all the WinForms hubub yesterday, I asked for a higher limit on the file selection dialog (you can only select about 200 ATM). Julien said in my comments:

Well, I see that a KB article (820631) says this behavior is by design so I don't know how much freedom we have here. You'll understand that I can't promise anything, I am just a dev, but I'll make sure to look into it and ask questions about this. Thanks!

That is so slick. Julien, you may be just a dev, but that my friend is the correct attitude to have about it.

In the meantime, the only workaround I've found is enabling drag n drop onto a listbox for file selection from explorer.

Like to hear my feedback? I'd like a file dialog that lets me select more than 200 files at a time. With the people and companies I work with, it is a necessity. We deal with lots of files.


I've been using Mozilla FireFox as my default browser for a couple of weeks. I love it - for the most part. A lot of people don't design for standards, though. They design for what is the  standard, ie IE. Therefore, a lot of sites that I may browse from time to time really look horrible in mozilla, and I find myself opening IE and dragging a link there just to make sure my eyes haven't permanently squinted.

Those Days Are Over. Meet IEView, a “brain-dead simple” plugin for FireFox, but so effective I just know I'll use this every day. From the site:

 The ieview plugin is a simple Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox extension (for Microsoft Windows systems), which allows the current page or a selected link to be opened in Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla 99.99% of the time, but there are those moments -- particularly when testing new pages, or when viewing that rare IE-only page that's actually interesting -- when I need to see what things look like in IE.

I'm sorry, reader.

I haven't posted to this thing in almost 2 months, and I'm sure that both of you are quite upset at me. So what's been going on with me lately? Let's see...

I started a little side project for posting to my blog from my desktop with a wysiwyg editor. I decided to stop working on it a week or two ago. Why? Well, there are a few tools out there already that let you do this very well, so I pulled resources on it for unoriginality reasons. You still want a wysiwyg editor? Try BlogJet. This is the one that made me say “it's been done”. There is no way that I could dedicate the time to make my little tool do anything super-cool that would make it a viable alternative, and it looks like no one but me wants to post to more than one blog at a time. Shame.

Other than that, I've been working hard at the day job. “Smart Clients”. That's taken a lot of my time - I ain't no WinForms programmerSmiley.

So, thank both of you for staying subscribed to me. I appreciate it, and I'll do my best to keep the content coming to you, desktop publishing tool or not. 

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