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Bob wants to see some integration of RssBandit and PostXING.

This was an idea I had really early on simply because a lot of the features in PostXING were, ahem, borrowed from w.bloggar, and RssBandit already supports a plugin that starts w.bloggar for posting to a weblog. So, why couldn't I do something similar?

Well, I thought that it had something to do with implementing IBlogExtension, for which I couldn't find too much documentation. Maybe it's such a simple thing to implement that only a yutz like me would need documentation. I honestly don't know and haven't looked into it too much simply because I didn't have an immediate need for it.

Once Dare adds deleting capabilities to RssBandit, I have a feeling that it's going to become my default aggregator again. After that, look out for an RssBandit plugin to post using PostXING.

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It looks like I created (or rather raised an awareness to) a little snafu on ProjectDistributor :/

The latest release of PostXING didn't upload properly, so I'm putting a temporary download on my server: update - it's fixed now. 

I also rolled back the release to the last one that worked as a download over at

I'll be taking both down as soon as Darren lets me know things are well again. Sorry to both of you that care.

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I feel like I've hit .net developer's gold.

I was searching for a spell checking component and came across this site (with the help of Don Smith). Not only is there a spell checker component there (which looks pretty good at first glance) but there are a bunch of other useful tools ranging from a Windows API file search wrapper to web access for Visual SourceSafe and Draco.NET.

Good stuff.

P.S. I'm hoping to add spell checking and a couple of other items to PostXING. If you'd like to snag a copy, you can find the latest release here.

By the way, Scoble, I do read your blog...I just can't remember everything that gets posted there! Don't you remember posting 60 - 70 items in one night before?

Thanks btw for pointing out my misinformed previous post. Hope you enjoyed your turkey-day :)

Ouch. Looks like I should find out if a picture I post to my blog is authentic or not before posting :$

 Robert Scoble

This is a well-known hoax. I guess you don't read my blog. I got sucked into this one too.

 Dean Harding


From 1954 Popular Mechanics:

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Well, kind of :) I have a collection that I want to access in C# with an indexer, the only problem is that the collection is written in VB.NET as part of a library which I need to consume and would be foolhardy to try and rewrite in C#.

It's just a mixture of attributes and keywords - but gets me from having to call




Just a stylistic approach on my end to keep the readability of my C# consumer as high as possible. This is basically what I used:

Imports System.Reflection
<DefaultMember("Item")> _ 
Public Class MyCollection
	Inherits System.Collections.CollectionBase

	Public Sub Add(ByVal NewObj As MyClass)
	End Sub


	Default Public Overloads ReadOnly Property Item(ByVal Index As Int32) _
		As MyClass
			Return(CType(List.Item(Index), MyClass)
		End Get
	End Property

	Default Public Overloads ReadOnly Property Item(ByVal Key As String) _
		As MyClass
		End Get
	End Property
End Class

I don't know if the Default on the properties are required, but this worked for me. So I'm not messing with it :) Hope this can help someone else out there.

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I was doing my early morning googling and came across this - a set of free icons in the WinXP custom format. Really nice if you want to add that touch of candy to your apps, be they windows or webforms. There are also a set of spheres there that have a slew of different colors...That along with the FireFox extension downTHEMall made for a great 5 minutes of getting some nice starter icon sets.

Did you wake up to Spanish music? Clear Channel has decided to make a format change at Houston expense. Rock 101 KLOL is no longer and we have another Spanish channel to go along with Houston's other 16 Spanish channels. We need to show Clear Channel that we will not just stand by while a 32-year-old station is removed from the air.

I was devistated. I was listening to Walton and Johnson in the morning, and all of a sudden in the afternoon I'm hearing spanish music. If you live in the Houston area and give a flying flip (or hell, even if neither apply) please visit and sign the petition to bring back one of the best rock stations out there. It can be done.

I just can't pimp Darren's new ProjectDistributor enough. Look at the ideas this guy comes up with. Every time I chat with him, something new is coming down the pike. Let me say, not just new, but innovative, fresh...sometimes so beautifully simple that I have to think "why didn't I think of that?". You know you're onto something when you make others say that.

Anyways, Thanks Darren for giving me a little space to place my snippets and for coming up with a great idea that keeps getting better.

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