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I'll try to make this my last non-tech post here. I apologize - my other host is sitting in a back room wrapped in a trash bag currently.

I took a few pictures on my camera phone on the trip here. How else could I kill 10 hours?

This was one of many accidents along the way to Austin.

This was a cannon or something that I passed on the way - never seen this before, but I've never taken this route either.

This was I-10.  All lanes - even the eastbound feeder - were going west.

This is the view out of my rearview on 529. Led Zeppelin rules, btw.

And finally, a sherrif responding to another one of those pesky accidents. Tempers were flaring out there for sure.
i'm in traffic right now on 529 . I haven't hit 362 yet. Translation: i'm not even close to atx. I'm blogging from my audiovox smt.

I just got back from the gas station to get some sodas before everything runs out, and this is what I saw:

My little phone wasn't able to get the entire line of vehicles, but it was at least 6 deep for every pump. The parts of the Houston metro area that are closer to the coast have been issued a mandatory evacuation, with a voluntary evac for everyone else. They say it's going to be nasty. We'll just have to see I guess.

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P.S. Thanks to all those who wished me well on my previous post. I really do appreciate that (molto gratzi:)

Just to let both of you know - I'm expecting some downtime this weekend for . See, I live in Houston and we've got a little storm coming our way. Since I host my site on my own on-site server, that means that I've got to unplug it and put it in a room with no windows. Ya know, just in case.

So now you know why my rss feed won't work this weekend. Don't you just feel all squishy inside now? As for me, I'm heading to the hill country for the weekend. Just in case, feel me?

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Ha! Look at that! I totally called it.

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Ah, the joys of writing open source software

I had been working hard on v2 of PostXING, but somehow development has stagnated on my end quite a bit. I brought it about 90% of the way towards the direction I was hoping to go. I even got an offer of help from a fellow Houstonian, but it seems I've dropped the ball. My bad.

Fortunately, as I said I've completed most of the grunt work, now it's just a matter of gluing everything together and creating a different provider than the Metablog API. It was still evolving when I last hacked on it, so I may only be 85% done, but at any rate, if I can get that fire going back under my ass I should be done in no time. I hope

Since nobody but me is clamoring for v2, I can at least take my time and do things the way I want them. It's nice to be able to work on a software project without any stinkin time constraints. Another pitfall is that the latest v1 rev works well enough that I haven't felt the need to develop v2. I just want to. I want to make PostXING a better program. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I realized that I was having issues with anonymous users posting comments to my CS site. After going over the code a little bit, what I didn't realize is that the bug is a custom skin bug. (ie a skin that I wrote was missing one line containing a specific control.)

After a little searching I found someone with a similar problem, and Alex Lowe pointed them here:

And it worked. Yay.

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By the way Torsten has started an RSS Bandit new logo design contest and we'd appreciate your comments. It seems a lot of our users who use RSS Bandit from their place of work feel our current smily face icon and logo are unprofessional. I don't mind changing our application icon but would probably like to keep the smily bandit in the logo.

[Via Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life]

I can't really offer anything original per se, but here's the icon I use in ObjectDock for RssBandit:

Okay, so I just slapped an eye patch on an existing image I found somewhere on the net...isn't that what the current icon is, too?

Anybody else find that MS has so much crap going on that it's hard keep tabs on a single, solid, resources to use to keep up to speed on things? (And don't even send me to - that thing is 1) schizophrenic (is it a developer resource, or a place to buy subscriptions and stuff?) and 2) complete sensory overload. )

[Via :: Blog]

It is pretty worthless unless you are looking for controls - even then, the contol gallery has broken images and dead links everywhere.

I've found that unlike the community, it's pretty much yo-yo (you're on your own) when it comes to winforms development. (and I complained loudly about it when I embarked on my first winforms project)

CodeProject has a lot of interesting tidbits, but I've yet to find a complete solution in any of the articles there. Bits and pieces, yes...

Another good resource is the dotnet-winforms list on There are at least one or two winforms PMs that hang out there.

Lastly, get Chris Sells's book "Windows Forms Programming in C#" (or VB.NET, whatever.) That book has basic examples of almost everything you would want to achieve in a normal winforms project. Anything else is up to google skillz.

Check out this code project article with code for a Google Maps .NET control. very cool and handy stuff. and there are some demos here.

[Via Tiernans Comms Closet]

I read thru that, and it seems very useful to be able to manipulate things in codebehind like that. Once the lat/lon overlays are included, I may even check it out.

In other mapping news, I was contacted recently by the mappoint webservice team b/c I haven't made any requests to the webservice for a while. I told them that the current webservice doesn't buy me a whole lot in terms of functionality from the current solution that I use that simply has a mapserver control on my webserver and asked if virtual earth may be rolled into the webservice (since virtual earth currently only has licensing for non-commercial apps). They didn't tell me one way or the other, but my mappoint account was reinstated. Could this mean virtual earth goodness on the horizon? I hope so.

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