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  • Oh Canada

    Still trying to work out the legal and logistical nightmare that is getting my family and myself immigrated to Canada. There are many issues, my mum and dads status and whether they can return (after 30 years!), if I can sponsor my parents and wife from here in the UK without proof of Canadian income, school for Amy, Job for me, which would enable us to look for a house .. where to go, what to do ..

  • Accessibility Champions fail their own tests

    "DRC, the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) and the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID), the supposed standard bearers for website accessibility, continue to fail even the most basic A/AA requirements"

  • Cheap UK Internet Magazines Subscriptions

    Don't you just love ASP and .NET? Because of Google Adwords recent TOS changes I have had to rapidly set up a site for my magazines campaign, thanks to these lovely web platforms I have been able to do this in double-quick time. I had scraped the merchants site and used regex to grab the content days before the official feed. Another campaigns feed is so limited I am going to use the same code and tweak to produce my other site. I know this could be done in PHP but I think the OS crowd would be hard pressed to produce a tool as productive as VS.NET :O)