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  • New home, new start

     I've decided to move my blog to another platform.  I think Community Server is bloated and I do not support some of Telligent's decisions lately.

  • MIX09

    Looks like I'll be going to MIX09 thanks to the folks over at  See you there!

  • Using interfaces for Domain entities (Part 1)

    I’ve been doing a ton of work with ASP.NET MVC lately.  Which of course has me thinking how I design my code structure since MVC is all about separation of concerns.  I really like the idea of POCO (Plain Old Clr Objects) because it allows easily changing your access tier without having to rewrite a lot of your existing code.  After looking through Kigg’s source code I was given a fantastic idea bout how to handle this… just user interfaces.  So for this blog post I’ll demo how they do it so you don’t have to try to follow the IoC madness they implement.

  • Products and their descriptions

    So I was roaming around the interwebs today during my lunch break trying to find an interesting product from Microsoft called Oslo.  Now before you run off and go google it allow me to save you some headache and tell you it’s not just one “thing.”  Oslo allows you to customize or create dynamic languages to create data models.

  • ADO.NET EF v LINQ to SQL (take 2)

    So after my first article covering the ADO.NET Entity Framework vs LINQ to SQL fiasco going on lately I got a some feedback from many sources who shared my pain so I thought I’d extend a second part.  To those that responded with the obligatory “ADO.NET EF is for pros, you just don’t know what you’re talking about,” – let me explain myself a little better.  I’m on Microsoft’s side here.  I’d really prefer them see make the right choice to get an even larger community for developing on their platform technologies.  This is not an anti-Microsoft campaign.