So with the recent news of LINQ to SQL going DOA a lot of those who have developed applications around it are probably hurting.  I myself was shocked to hear that Microsoft would do such a foolish thing.

This is one of the things that turns off people from using .NET and other Microsoft technologies.  Things like branding, constant change and constant name changing steers people away from using something new.  When people first come to the .NET Framework one of the features they may be looking for is LINQ to SQL because it has the most community backing right now.  Little do they know that the technology that pulled them in is now going away for something harder to use and with less community backing.

I think Microsoft has been doing a fantastic job lately with their developer technologies with things like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, MEF and Dynamic Data all being openly developed on Codeplex and even including open source JavaScript library jQuery.  However, this has got to stop.

What they need to do is make LINQ to SQL make the base access library/framework for a data layer to data objects and make ADO.NET EF (named something else hopefully) the enterprise solution and extensions of LINQ to SQL.  Rather than creating parallel, redundant frameworks they could break apart functionality.  Making one framework better and one extending the other.

Microsoft, please don’t make the mistake you’ve done so many times in the past you’re finally on the right track – don’t screw it up now.

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  • Totally agree!

    Coming from a company who has invested heavily in LINQ to SQL and having found it very real-world friendly we'd be upset if it was DOA.

    If all of their tech guys and samples are using LINQ to SQL (ASP MVC for example) then most people adopting those technologies early would expect the framework to be supported for a long time to come. Everyone understands (when you're using early access technologies) that things can and do change but to rip out an entire technology that is loved by many is crazy.

    Microsoft you've been doing an awesome job... so like Chad said, please don't screw it up now.

  • Wow. I completely agree. I'm in the process of being burned by this move after we've done some significant development of our product using Linq to SQL. And to think a few short months ago you couldn't find a data access code example not using Linq to SQL.

    By the way, this is nothing new with Microsoft. Remember RDO, DAO, ADO, Datasets, etc.

  • Yeah, nothing new here, but it gets tiring when MS constantly ditches a data access technology once it's at 90%. I guess they figure it's better to invent a new technology over breaking existing implementations.

    If they're going to do that, then it would be nicer if they just didn't release anything until it was 99%.

    I agree it's a turn-off and hurts the .net ecosystem as a whole, and must cost businesses millions (I'm thinking of all the wasted time rewriting code)

    It makes you want to develop with something more stable like NHibernate.


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