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  • ADO.NET EF v LINQ to SQL (take 2)

    So after my first article covering the ADO.NET Entity Framework vs LINQ to SQL fiasco going on lately I got a some feedback from many sources who shared my pain so I thought I’d extend a second part.  To those that responded with the obligatory “ADO.NET EF is for pros, you just don’t know what you’re talking about,” – let me explain myself a little better.  I’m on Microsoft’s side here.  I’d really prefer them see make the right choice to get an even larger community for developing on their platform technologies.  This is not an anti-Microsoft campaign.

  • Having trouble starting Velocity host on x64?

    I recently installed Microsoft Velocity client on 5 of my dedicated servers and I thought I’d give this distributed caching a try and see how it went.  The 5 severs are all running Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 with AD Services.  Installing couldn’t have been easier or have gone smoother.  So after installing Velocity on my 5 machines I went to the lead machine to start it.  Note, at this point I hadn’t setup the cluster yet I was just installing it on the machines.

  • Every blogger needs a home

    I've been looking for a place to put my blog for quite a long time.  I've always been partial to running it on my own server or at home because I want it to be my area, and mine alone.  I later realized I'd rather help and be a part of a community.  So with the help of Joe Stagner I now have a blogging home -- thanks Joe!