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  • DDD7 Grok Talk - Open Source and Microsoft

    This weekend I attended DDD7, a free community conference held at the Microsoft Reading Campus. I presented a short Grok talk during the lunch hour on Open Source and Microsoft. Since the event didn't seem to have a internet connectivity, I used Dom Green's laptop to allow me to prepare for it. After downloading Firefox on the machine, something was blocking it access to the web so I had to stick with IE8 *shudder*. To make sure all the sites were big and clear on the screens, I made sure I had put up the size of the text on the screen... only to find out that when I plugged it into the display - it automatically resized the screen resolution leaving me with horrible big web pages... for every tab I had open... anyway, enough of the excuses and on with the links. Here's a list of the links that I showed:

    I was also going to mention these sites too: It was, if you couldn't guess, my first time speaking on geeky things at a conference and hadn't prepared (although grok talks are meant to be unprepared...) as much as I would have liked but I hope that some people took away something from it and realise how they can help out these open source projects by contributing code or by blogging about the projects. It was great to meet some new faces and some old ones and hope to see you all in the future. Chris