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January 2004 - Posts

Orkut, are you in?

It's a “trusted” community.... so I guess you have to be invited to get in. I am really interested in seeing what it's all about, anyone out there in world trust me enough to invite me in :)

If you don't know what I am talking about go to

DTS project completed, full replication functionality deployed.

Today we launched the project I was discussing here. So far everything appears to be running properly at the one property that went live. I seem to have pushed out an older version of a SQL file, so we had to scramble to get the updated changes out there, but there were only a few lines of code to be run.

It'll be interesting to see how the project proceeds. We dubbed it "Project Plantation" we've got custom replication agents (we called them farmers, harvesters, and a few other terms) running all over the place, from the property's database, back to our primary database, and then from the primary to a secondary database we have running here in our home office.

The whole project has come together in just about a month, and it should make our in house application run a lot more smoothly for our customers, instead of one primary database we are creating smaller databases that will run off of MSDE for each of the properties, we then replicate the data from each of these properties up into our larger database, and send any other changes created by invoicing or the administration program back to each of these smaller databases. Over the next few months we'll slowly convert many of our other properties, close to 200, over to the new system. At that point it will be interesting to see how much bandwidth this is going to use up, we've already ordered a larger pipe, but I'd be willing to bet it won't be enough... We'll see though ;)

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DotNetNuke PA package....

I created a dotText module for DNN a few weeks back, and decided to try to work on it some more today, and hopefully get it together for a PA (private assembly) release for DNN. I've never worked with PA's in DNN before, so I searched around a bit and found this post on the DNN Forums. Just wanted to say thanks to Bert for compiling all that information. I ended up downloading his PA Solution from this web site and have the PA ready to go!

I think I'll spend some time later today cleaning up the module before I release it, and hopefully have it available for download later tonight.

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Playing with newsgator...

I downloaded NewsGator 2.0 tonight, just seeing how it works, being able to post from outlook while sitting at work won't exactly help my problem I posted about earlier, but it'll be fun!

I also installed the media player plug-in as well. I hope the SQL server I am waiting to start responding comes back soon, or I'll be playing with this all night..

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UBB Classic import into ASP.NET Forums 2.0

After working with the beta of the UBB.Classic 6.7 and using the export feature I think I am just going to write an app to import everything based on the file structure of UBB.classic as upposed to using the Import/Export ruitines of 6.7. I think that will allow for better migration from older versions of UBB.classic as well, because of the file format not changing greatly, and the structured import I am setting up should be flexible enough for minor changes to the UBB structure.

We'll see though, with moving this week and all the projects I am working on, most of the projects are only getting a little bit of development time each.

Motivate me...

So here's my deal, and I got this straight from my boss' mouth this morning, I already knew it to be true though.

There are some things I get as a project, and I am all over it, motivated, excited, and I can crank out some wonderful code.

Other projects and tasks I get I drag my feet and turn out a horrible product.

I know I do this, so I guess that's the first step, realizing the problem, but I don't know what the solution is, how do I get past those little projects, and devote the same effort to those as I do the ones that get me excited?

I find this to be the case in a lot of things, not just work, maybe I should take a psychology class or something to figure out how my mind works. What about everyone else, I can't be the first to come to this intersection, what route has everyone else taken?

Forums 2.0 Migration Tools

I am finally getting started on the ASP.NET Forums 2.0 migration tools. I had intended to get a lot of work on this done over the Holidays but after finding out how close my parents house was to the beach I spent most of my time away from a laptop!

I have the forums running on my machine at home now, and am beginning to develop the XML import/export ruitines that will be used for importing or exporting the ASP.NET Forums 2.0 content out. Once I have that process completed I'll start working on the tools to build the XML files from a UBB.Classic installation. I'll blog more as I get more work done!

DnnCart data application blocks changes.
I spent an hour or so today going through stored procedure calls for DnnCart today, converting them all to SQLHelper calls, and array based parameters. Still have quite a few more to do, but I am over half way through the existing calls. Once I get these done I am going to start adding some core functionality to the cart, so that there are multiple administration options for ordering, payment processing, and other features...
Give me something free..

Reading Eric Lippert's latest post, who was commenting on Joe's post

I don't work for MS, yet, but here's my take!

I wish #3 was that far down on my list. I think #1 is a tossup between

I need a web site designed, will you do it (for free)
My computer is broken, fix it

I think I am going to come up with a friends & family rate for web sites and support, and make that rate double of the rate I charge anyone else!

Down with the sickness

Of the 4 real developers here at my employer (the two AS/400 developers don't count, they are old and don't do much but complain), I am the only one here. Our “leader” is out on personal issues, I think he's on his way out the door, but really have no idea if he is or not. My buddy, another .net developer and powerebuilder dev. is in Boston getting training for an accounting software package, and then there's our other guy. This other guy left yesterday to go get his Girlfriend's daughter from daycare... Then today he's out, I have no idea why, but he's available by cell. He's always gone, I swear at least once a week, there's no way he has any vacation or personal time left.

Developing in this environment really sucks lately, most of the time it isn't even fun anymore, isn't that what makes our jobs nice, being fun? Hopefully things will change soon, else I'll have to come up with a change myself and find somewhere else to go, there's just a point where a job isn't worth it anymore. I'd hate to see the job I have now get that way, but the politics here are complete crap. I realize there are politics everywhere, but here's an example of what I get.

The other day, I got lectured, over EMAIL, about using email too much as communication between the team. A bit ironic, and stupid I must say.

Alright, time to get back to work, thanks for listening to me vent a little.

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