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  • Wow, I really do LOVE UPS....

    On my way to work this morning I got clipped by a UPS trailer.... bastages. Here's the excerpt from a post on one of my web sites

    “got squeezed by one of the two trailer'd rigs on Jefferson this morning, he came into my lane and I slowed to get behind him but the back corner of the trailer bout took my mirror off, cracked the housing, and ended up clipping the front fender/bumper and the front wheel. I imagine it's over 1k in damage, with wheel replacement and painting the front end, plus a new mirror housing, assuming the electronics aren't hosed in the mirror.“

    I take care of my car, and I HATE it when something like this happens. The guy that was driving was like “I didn't even see anyone over there, I didn't know people drove in that lane”


  • cDotText v0.1.1 source released!

    I've released the cDotText source for Version 0.1.1, you can get it from the Downloads page.

    All I did was copy the project out of my solution and upload it, so you'll have to modify it some to get it to work with your own solution. If you have any questions try posting in the DnnCart Forums.

    I've never put up a project for download before, so GO EASY ON ME! It may not be easy to get into your own project, so let me know if I need to change anything in the Zip file to make it easier to use.


  • Xbox for less...

    Reading this CNN article it appears the Xbox may take a substantial price drop later this year. I can honestly say I have never played an Xbox, or even really seen one in person. I was one of those guys who camped out for a PS2, took the next day off work, and had a blast. But since the first few months of owning the PS2 I have used it far more for DVDs that playing games.


  • DotNetNuke security issues.

    There's a patch available for all versions of DNN 1.0.6 thru 1.0.10d. I don't know if it's a big whole, it isn't on any of my sites, but if you run an instance of DNN I'd recommend you apply the patch. I went ahead and got all my sites this morning.


  • You gotta love the snow!

    I love the snow! As a kid we lived all over, and never seemed to live anywhere where it snowed, so when it snows now I just love it. My dog runs around like mad in it, people drive like idiots in it, but I still love it! I especially love having a garage now to keep out of the weather. I am glad that I got new tires though, these Falken Ziex 512s are awesome compared to the Bridgestones I had before.

    We were supposed to get five inches here in St. Louis last night, but I think we ended up getting about an inch or so, on top of the inch or slush/ice from the day before. Hope everyone else is enjoying whatever weather they have right now!


  • Orkut, did you make it?

    There were a few folks interested in my post a few days back about Orkut, I bet some of you made it in. I have yet to see it still (hint hint) but what do you think of it so far? I've never signed up with any social networking sites, or whatever people are calling them, so I really have no idea what to expect.

    Is it anything interesting? Worth looking at? What are your thoughts?


  • cDotText status 1/26/2004

    I've had quite a few downloads (14) of cDotText so far, and actually two people have given me feedback! It looks like a snowstorm is headed our way this afternoon so it'll be a night in on the computer.

    Which truely is just about everynight anyways. Tonight I hope to get a Source Code version out for release, and two minor changes, a trigger inclusion that will catch changes to a user's DNN password that will change it in the blog_config table, and some CSS changes to the BloggersList module.


  • launch

    I put up a new tonight. It's been a while since I updated that site with anything other than a logo and a few links. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll write up some project summaries of the past projects to put on the site to provide a little more meat!


  • Time for cable?

    I am no where near finished unpacking in the new place yet, but I did get the DSL up and running last night.

    My upload last night was 102, and download was 91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll give SBC another week, and then I'm calling charter to get cable internet access.


  • Moving.... it's not fun

    I forgot how not fun moving really is. I am a darn packrat, and I've somehow gotten into this Hot Wheels hobby that hasn't exactly made for more room around my apartment! About now is the time I wish I had gotten a different car, it doesn't exactly hold much. Luckily I've got my (business) partner's 24ft enclosed trailer. I've barely cracked the surface loading it, but he and another guy will be over around 9am (it's midnight now) to help load everything else into the trailer. I guess anything I don't get tomorrow I can get Sunday if I borrow one of Dave's trucks, at least tomorrow we can get all of the stuff that needs two people and the trailer. Night all.. 


  • Orkut, are you in?

    It's a “trusted” community.... so I guess you have to be invited to get in. I am really interested in seeing what it's all about, anyone out there in world trust me enough to invite me in :)

    If you don't know what I am talking about go to


  • DTS project completed, full replication functionality deployed.

    Today we launched the project I was discussing here. So far everything appears to be running properly at the one property that went live. I seem to have pushed out an older version of a SQL file, so we had to scramble to get the updated changes out there, but there were only a few lines of code to be run.

    It'll be interesting to see how the project proceeds. We dubbed it "Project Plantation" we've got custom replication agents (we called them farmers, harvesters, and a few other terms) running all over the place, from the property's database, back to our primary database, and then from the primary to a secondary database we have running here in our home office.

    The whole project has come together in just about a month, and it should make our in house application run a lot more smoothly for our customers, instead of one primary database we are creating smaller databases that will run off of MSDE for each of the properties, we then replicate the data from each of these properties up into our larger database, and send any other changes created by invoicing or the administration program back to each of these smaller databases. Over the next few months we'll slowly convert many of our other properties, close to 200, over to the new system. At that point it will be interesting to see how much bandwidth this is going to use up, we've already ordered a larger pipe, but I'd be willing to bet it won't be enough... We'll see though ;)

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  • DotNetNuke PA package....

    I created a dotText module for DNN a few weeks back, and decided to try to work on it some more today, and hopefully get it together for a PA (private assembly) release for DNN. I've never worked with PA's in DNN before, so I searched around a bit and found this post on the DNN Forums. Just wanted to say thanks to Bert for compiling all that information. I ended up downloading his PA Solution from this web site and have the PA ready to go!


  • UBB Classic import into ASP.NET Forums 2.0

    After working with the beta of the UBB.Classic 6.7 and using the export feature I think I am just going to write an app to import everything based on the file structure of UBB.classic as upposed to using the Import/Export ruitines of 6.7. I think that will allow for better migration from older versions of UBB.classic as well, because of the file format not changing greatly, and the structured import I am setting up should be flexible enough for minor changes to the UBB structure.

    We'll see though, with moving this week and all the projects I am working on, most of the projects are only getting a little bit of development time each.


  • Motivate me...

    So here's my deal, and I got this straight from my boss' mouth this morning, I already knew it to be true though.

    There are some things I get as a project, and I am all over it, motivated, excited, and I can crank out some wonderful code.

    Other projects and tasks I get I drag my feet and turn out a horrible product.

    I know I do this, so I guess that's the first step, realizing the problem, but I don't know what the solution is, how do I get past those little projects, and devote the same effort to those as I do the ones that get me excited?

    I find this to be the case in a lot of things, not just work, maybe I should take a psychology class or something to figure out how my mind works. What about everyone else, I can't be the first to come to this intersection, what route has everyone else taken?


  • Forums 2.0 Migration Tools

    I am finally getting started on the ASP.NET Forums 2.0 migration tools. I had intended to get a lot of work on this done over the Holidays but after finding out how close my parents house was to the beach I spent most of my time away from a laptop!

    I have the forums running on my machine at home now, and am beginning to develop the XML import/export ruitines that will be used for importing or exporting the ASP.NET Forums 2.0 content out. Once I have that process completed I'll start working on the tools to build the XML files from a UBB.Classic installation. I'll blog more as I get more work done!


  • Saddam Capture Photos

    There are photos circulating on the net of Saddam's capture, they appear to be taken by someone that was part of the capture, maybe a soldier, maybe someone else.

    I've tracked down the few I could, got them from, here they are


    I'll try to post more if I can find them...


  • DnnCart data application blocks changes.

    I spent an hour or so today going through stored procedure calls for DnnCart today, converting them all to SQLHelper calls, and array based parameters. Still have quite a few more to do, but I am over half way through the existing calls. Once I get these done I am going to start adding some core functionality to the cart, so that there are multiple administration options for ordering, payment processing, and other features...


  • Give me something free..

    Reading Eric Lippert's latest post, who was commenting on Joe's post

    I don't work for MS, yet, but here's my take!

    I wish #3 was that far down on my list. I think #1 is a tossup between

    I need a web site designed, will you do it (for free)
    My computer is broken, fix it

    I think I am going to come up with a friends & family rate for web sites and support, and make that rate double of the rate I charge anyone else!


  • Down with the sickness

    Of the 4 real developers here at my employer (the two AS/400 developers don't count, they are old and don't do much but complain), I am the only one here. Our “leader” is out on personal issues, I think he's on his way out the door, but really have no idea if he is or not. My buddy, another .net developer and powerebuilder dev. is in Boston getting training for an accounting software package, and then there's our other guy. This other guy left yesterday to go get his Girlfriend's daughter from daycare... Then today he's out, I have no idea why, but he's available by cell. He's always gone, I swear at least once a week, there's no way he has any vacation or personal time left.

    Developing in this environment really sucks lately, most of the time it isn't even fun anymore, isn't that what makes our jobs nice, being fun? Hopefully things will change soon, else I'll have to come up with a change myself and find somewhere else to go, there's just a point where a job isn't worth it anymore. I'd hate to see the job I have now get that way, but the politics here are complete crap. I realize there are politics everywhere, but here's an example of what I get.

    The other day, I got lectured, over EMAIL, about using email too much as communication between the team. A bit ironic, and stupid I must say.

    Alright, time to get back to work, thanks for listening to me vent a little.


  • Un-moderated on the forums!

    I got myself un-moderated on ASP.NET forums yesterday! I've been trying to answer more DNN questions over there and one of the moderators so kindly made it so my posts no longer have to go through the moderation queue!

    It's nice to be able to post, and see it right away, and I can now edit my posts! Thanks to the moderator who did that for me, she knows who she is.


  • DnnCart Product Comments when buying.

    I worked this evening on adding a comments field for products in the DnnCart, so that when placing an order the user is able to add a comment, such as “2003 Nissan 350Z”, for a product, so that the order processing person knows what make/model of vehicle the part should be for.

    This allows the database to be smaller, as currently I don't have a method of getting a list of all Vehicle makes and models! I'll have to look for a web service for that though, as it would be VERY USEFUL on some web sites.


  • Changes to DnnCart

    Today I am working on adding a new field to the product user control, so that a customer can enter a comment on a specific product, which will be helpful with stores like so that you can have a product that someone can order and they can tell you the make/model/year of their vehicle, without having to have the database setup with a product for each specific make/model/year which could make the database extremely large! This would only work for products that are the same price for each make/model/year, if the price were to differ it would be quite a bit more complex...


  • .Text blogs w/ DotNetNuke

    I spent most of the evening, and early morning working on getting a site I have running on DNN setup with .Text blogs. Here are some of my thoughts and how I got it working.

    First off check out Patrick's blog his was the starting point for getting this done.

    He's added a few comments to the thread since I was using it last night, but to summarize what needs to be done, create the module as he states.

    Replace the two functions he has made changes to.

    Make the following code in the codebehind file

    If Not CheckDirectory(UserName) Then
    blog_AddNewBlog(UserName, Password, Email, Title, SubTitle, Skin, Application, Host, Author)
    'add user to role.

    look like this

    Dim BlogID as integer
    If Not CheckDirectory(UserName) Then
    blog_AddNewBlog(UserName, Password, Email, Title, SubTitle, Skin, Application, Host, Author, BlogID)
    'add user to role.

    This line

    File.Copy(BLOG_PATH & "empty.aspx", strServerPath & "\default.aspx")

    should either be the same as above, or can be modified to be

    File.Copy(BLOG_PATH & "default.aspx", strServerPath & "\default.aspx")

    If you choose the first option you need to create a blank aspx file called “empty.aspx”

    Now, on installed .Text there are a few changes to be made, I was doing a fresh install of .95, check out the dotText wiki site for most of the install instructions

    once you have it installed, run the following in query analyzer.

    Alter Table blog_Config Alter Column BlogGroup int default 1


    Alter Table blog_Config Alter Column Flagint default 55

    Those two default settings were left out of the install SQL.

    Hope that helps someone out, I spent quite a while last night trying to track down all those fixes!

    I have this running on one site right now, I'll get it running on another one this weekend and post a link to that site when it's ready to go!


  • Cellular Service...

    Well, I switched from SprintPCS back in late October to get a Mpx200 from AT&T Wireless... I love the phone, no complaints about it whatsoever, but I have to say I am not impressed with AT&T at all.

    Their service has been shotty at best, and their customer service, holy cow, it takes 30-60minutes to get someone on the phone to talk to, and don't try calling at night, because they won't be able to help you while they “update” their systems. I think I am just going to pay the $175 and get out of the contract, I know just have to decide who to go to, I am thinking Cingular is calling my name.....


  • New tires are on!

    The new tires are on the car. I got Falken Ziex 512s from Autotire in Ballwin Missouri this afternoon. Thanks for the quick work guys! They had to replace a stud and lug that wasn't too friendly when it came off, but they got it all done and me out the door in under two hours.

    So far I think the car's softer, which was my intention in going with 245-45-17s, instead of the 225-45-17 and 235-45-17 that comes stock. I think the wider tire will help soften the ride a little, I'll post more on that once I get some miles on the tires.


  • Time for tires....

    It appears to be time for tires for the 350.... Oops, I should know to never get them that low! It's also time for an alignment, I haven't had one done yet, and with all the races I guess I got a little extra toe out than expected.


  • UBB.Classic 6.7

    UBB.Classic 6.7 went to Beta a few days ago, and it looks like they have an import/export function on the software now. That may help me with the development of the import/export for Forums V2 that I am trying to work on. Hopefully I'll get to play with the beta, and then the public release pretty soon to see if it will help me out with what I plan to do.


  • Domain Names, how much is too much?

    I purchased 5 domain names yesterday a .com .net .org .us .biz, all for a planned release later this spring.

    I had to get all the name servers setup, I use for it's free nameservers. I counted all of the domains I have running through, I have 20, so I think all together I have 21 domain names that I own, as one domain actually has paid hosting through Interland.

    I tend to buy domain names with high hopes, and then some get used for actual projects, others the projects never get started/completed, and then end up getting used for testing purposes for other projects. I am just glad I have a web server I maintain so that I can host all of these, else it could get really expensive really fast!

    How much do you think is too much? How many domain names do you own?