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  • It's quitting time. Time to move on to bigger and better things!

    I turned my resignation letter in to my current employer this morning. I think they were a little shocked, and I haven't quite seen how my big boss is going to react yet as he is somewhere up near Redmond this week. I haven't been happy here lately, and they know this, but they also thought things were improving. I had to play along for the past few weeks, the last thing I wanted was to end up unemployed. So I made things better, I didn't put up a fight with the usual insane things, I just played the game.

    Last Thursday I got an email from the President of a small software development company here in town. He found my name on and saw that I was from St. Louis. I guess after looking around at a few of my sites and probably here on my blog :) he shot me an email about a C# position they were looking to fill.

    I interviewed there on Monday, and worked out the final offer on Thursday. I'm excited, this new opportunity should be great, and they've even mentioned time to allow me to continue working on open source projects, so hopefully I'll be able to get back in on the ASP.NET Forums 2.0 conversion for DNN!!

    I'm sure I'll have more to blog about this soon!


  • Upgrading to DNN 2.0 part II

    The upgrade to 2.0 today went great! I've now started to get DnnCart out of the DNN core that it was built into for, and into it's own soon to be Private Assembly. With the latest work I think I may be able to have a release of code in the next week or two for people to start looking over.

    A functional version will probably be a month or so off, but we'll see how much time I actually get to work on DnnCart in the coming weeks.


  • Upgrading to DNN 2.0

    Well, I've spent the past few weeks playing around with DNN 2.0. Today I'm doing the same.

    I decided to take a copy of the portal I have running DnnCart on and try to upgrade it to DNN 2.0, mainly to see how well the store converts over to 2.0. I am hoping to get working on the release for DnnCart here in the next few weeks, this test today will tell me how much work I actually have to do before the release.

    If the code I've written converts over to 2.0 alright then I just have cleanup and feature code to work on. If it doesn't convert to 2.0 without too many troubles than I've got a LOT more work left to do to get the code up to 2.0 spec. More to come later!


  • Far Cry... I'm gonna need a bigger system.

    Lately, since I got the TIVO, I've been recording and watching The Screen Savers on TechTV. Kevin has been raving about Far Cry for a few shows now, so last night I after a long day of work I went out and purchased it.

    I played it for about an hour and a half last night, and I must say, so far it's pretty darn good. I'm going to need a bigger system though! I've got a 2.0ghz p4, 1gb of RAM, and a Gforce 4 ti 4200 vid card. I tried running it at the highest quality, only in 1024 though, it looks amazing, but brings my system to a standstill.

    I'll probably get the new GForce card this summer, that and an AMD-64, maybe then my machine could handle the load :)


  • Tivo disk space doubled, last night's upgrade complete!

    Well, I finished last night's project. I put the new larger hard drive in the Tivo and it worked like a charm! So I've doubled the size of my Tivo, in about 2-3 hours worth of work, mostly reading instructions ahead of time. The upgrade I did just copied the master Tivo drive to my new drive, and then all I had to do was expand the new drive to it's full capacity. As far as I know all my previous recordings are intact, I even watched one of the movies it had recorded a few days ago after the upgrade.

    Later this week I'll take it apart again and try to activate the USB and any other features that I can enable!


  • Tearing into Tivo! My first Tivo Hack

    Well, I broke into my virgin Tivo tonight and ripped her insides out!

    I'm working on putting a larger HD in the machine, an 80gig instead of the 40gig that it comes with. I'm following the Hinsdale guide, using the MFS Tools 2.0 boot CD (ISO). Hopefully all goes well!

    My next project will be to try to get the HD version of this Tivo to activate the USB, eventually hooking the Tivo up to my network for archival purposes :)



  • Dataset merging

    I was helping out a fellow team member today when he ran into a problem trying to merge two datasets.

    We were trying to take a dataset fill it with data from one database.

    Create a second dataset with data from a table of the same name but from another database.

    Merge those two datasets together and put the merged data back into the first database. The problem with the dataset.merge functionality was that the datasets still had a rowstate of unchanged, which caused the update to not do anything.

    To get around this we set the  AcceptChangesDuringFill property of the second dataadapter to FALSE. This allowed the dataadapter to have it's contents as added, instead of unchanged. I am now just waiting for Jeff to get back from lunch to see if the update will function properly.

    I got the answers to this problem from this post.


  • Hell of a time updating today!

    I think today's going to be a great day! One of my XML feeds last night didn't import on any of my servers, so I'm going through trying to track down why, I think I finally figure that one out. I tried running windows updates on my home machine last night, then again this morning, I think it finally worked on the fifth time. Now I can't get it to work on my development machine, it appears that MS' servers are having problems because sometimes the page will load, sometimes it won't, sometimes it will load without the CSS files..... and they said it was a good day...


  • Disabled comments in my blog

    I've disabled comments in my blog because someone calling themselves Niles Radl at the IP address has decided to spam them. Really it's not even spam, just stupid comments over and over on one of my postings.

    UPDATE I TRIED to disable comments, but it appears to not work.... grrr

    I can't seem to make any changes to my preferences through the admin interface....


  • Tivo is like Christmas for Chris Hammond

    Tivo is like Christmas!

    I've been gone since yesterday morning, so tonight I get to go through my Tivo and see what all it recorded while I was gone! This is gonna be as good as Christmas!

    I'll post tomorrow with anything interesting that it captured!

    -chris hammond


  • Started using Firefox, found some keyboard shortcuts!

    I started using Firefox, and I think I'm going to like it!

    The Tab browsing is what I've seen people rave about, so I thought I'd try it out. That and while I uninstalled all sorts of software at work the other day I seem to have semi-hosed my IE6 on my development machine. So Firefox will be getting a lot of use now.

    First problem, tabs are cool, but how do I switch between them without the mouse? I am a pretty big proponent us keyboard shortcuts, I use them all the time. I had to do some digging to find them though. To switch between tabs in Firefox use “Control-Tab” and “Shift-Control-Tab” to go back to the previous tab!

    Here are some more keyboard shortcuts for Firefox!



  • Redesign time for

    I've spent the past two evenings working on a new “skin” for, as well as starting to plan the move from DNN 1.0.10E to DNN 2.0.3.

    I've been testing on one of my test URLs, the same URL I was testing the new sccaforums skin I've been working on.

    Hopefully I'll be able to launch sometime in the next 7 days. SCCAForums is going to take a little more work, as it is hosted on ADDR and I need to get it off of there!


  • Chris Hammond was here.

    Time for another round of googlejacking ;)

    I still don't have the first result for Chris Hammond in google, so I'm posting again! I overtook the results for Krekeler Jewelers the other day, in preperation of a new web site that I am working on for them.

    If you google Chris Hammond resume, you get my blog, but I am still only 6th or 7th in results for “Chris Hammond”.

    Well, I'm going to keep posting until I am first! And then after that so that I stay first! ;)


  • What are your search results? :)

    Since Adam Kinney and Andrej Budja are doing a little search result blogging, I figured I'd do the same. Over on my other blog I posted a few, but the results over here are far different :) Here are a few of them

    MPX200 Master Reset


    dotnetnuke windows authentication

    dotnetnuke working with tabs

    "remove table" sql

    qrio demo


    For a brief period of time if you googled “It never rains in southern california“ I was the first result, but that didn't last very long to my knowledge.