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April 2006 - Posts

New Job Posting Blog over at

Well, time for another "venture" for me. I came across the domain a few months back with the grand intentions of starting up another project. Well, 2 months later I finally get started on it! So check it out, is going to be a site for tracking down jobs posted in various blogs across the web. In the future we'll add some more searching options to the site so it's easier to find content by location, for now though we'll just be adding content as fast as we can!

We're running on CommunityServer 2.0 again, easy to setup the blog and be rolling in just a brief time. As content is added we'll also probably develop a custom skin that lends more to the type of site we're trying to provide.

SQL Server 2005 SP1 Release

Wow, this was a quick release, glad to see MS on the ball here for getting a SP out for 2k5 so quickly.

-         Learn about the new features and improvements included in SP1


A ton of new features have been added and a lot of improvements have been made in SP1 for SQL Server 2005.


You can learn more about it at


-         Bugs fixed in SP1


Refer to KB 913090 ( for the list of bugs that were fixed in SP1.


Note that not ALL bugs that were fixed in SP1 have an associated KB article yet. As pointed out in this KB, you can expect to see more KBs on bugs that were fixed in SP1 in the future.


-         Download SP1


You can download SP1 for SQL Server 2005 from


          Note that there is a separate version for SQL Server Express.

Posted: Apr 19 2006, 11:08 AM by Chris Hammond | with 3 comment(s)
Filed under: , 2.0 Providers code released for use!

Check out the great announcement from Scott Guthrie about the provider source code!

Some of the sample access providers are in C# requiring you to Note: You will need Visual C# Express to compile this starter kit before using it with Visual Web Developer Express.

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