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  • CMS for DotNetNuke, new release

    Engage Software is pleased to announce that Engage: Publish 5.1 has been released for download on For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes for the 5.1 release of Publish you can visit the release notes.

    Engage: Publish 5.1 has a few bug fixes as well as a couple of major enhancements. One of the new enhancements is the ability to enable Article Comments to interact with the ActiveForums module from (currently supporting ActiveForums This enhancement was sponsored and tested by Audacious Inquiry.

    Other enhancements include better clearing of the cached content when new items are added to Publish, Comment information is prepopulated for logged in users, and comments are now cached for articles minimizing the database load.

    Bug fixes include issues revolving around the Import/Export of content, the ability to have more than one related category, permissions revolving around the printer friendly page and paging on the Custom Display module when a portal is not using DNN Friendly urls.

    Engage: Publish is available for purchase on, as well as SnowCovered and the DotNetNuke Marketplace. When purchasing Engage: Publish, or any of our other modules,  you are eligible for a year of free upgrades, to obtain the upgrades you must register on and provide your reciept of purchase via email to

    Engage: Publish is the premier content management system for DotNetNuke. Engage: Publish allows you to organize and display your content within DotNetNuke. Configurations options are limited only by your imagination. All content entered and managed through Publish uses our custom versioning and workflow process so you can rest assured that administrators have the ability to approve content before it shows up live on your production website. You also get the ability to rollback to any previous version of content through our expansive versioning system.


  • DotNetNuke Tip: Production using SSL, development not using SSL

    Earlier this year I was doing some work on a website of mine that runs on DNN, and has SSL enabled. I copied the database and file system, and set these up on my development machine, Vista Ultimate. I ran into a problem though, I couldn't actually get the site to load, I had all the usual configured properly: a) file permissions b) IIS virtual directory under classic app pool c) database setup and the web.config modified

    No matter what I did whenever I tried to access the site I would get an error page saying the site couldn't be found. This didn't make sense, because I had a standard DNN install on my machine and it worked great.

    Well tonight I go to working with the site again, intent on figuring out the issue. The site was on 4.6.2 so I upgraded it to 4.8.2, the upgrade actually worked fine, the pages loaded, the scripts ran. So I got to thinking, if it's not the IIS settings it must be something inside of DNN itself, then it struck me. The site was running SSL, a quick check of the Tabs table in the database verified that, so I ran an update script and turned off SSL for all the pages.

    Pull up IE7 and hit the site locally and boom, it works!

    So here's the tip: If you're pulling down a production site that runs SSL and you're having trouble configuring the site in a test environment, be sure to disable SSL in DNN!

    Update: Doh! Michael just pointed out that he posted the same thing back in February! That sure woulda saved me some time. Now, why I missed his post I don't know, it was probably back when the feeds weren't working on


  • DotNetNuke Training Day 1

    Yesterday I spent the day downtown, near Busch Stadium. Though I paid $25 to park, I wasn't there to watch the game. I was there for our first DotNetNuke Training class. Everything went great, the feedback from the attendees was good, and I think i successfully filled their heads with all sorts of information.

    I did miss opening day, but got to see a lot of the stadium and the crowds. The training facility is literally across the street from the stadium, so we had the blinds open all day and got to take in the crowd while everyone learned.

    I'm sitting here in our DNN skinning class helping assist the instructor if anyone has any questions. Later this week we're also holding two DotNetNuke Module Development classes.