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DotNetNuke Training, now available on DVD

Back in January of this year I took a trip out to Connecticut and spent a week recording some of our DotNetNuke Training on DVD with none other than Carl Franklin of .NET Rocks fame. It was a fun week, Carl has an amazing studio going out there. What came of it is a two volume DVD collection.

I hope you find the DVD useful, I know I had a blast creating it! I look forward to recording more sessions with Carl soon.

In this series:

  • Learn the basics of DotNetNuke and how it all works
  • Get up to speed with how to install, maintain, and manage DotNetNuke websites
  • Understand how to manage portals, users, and security roles within your website
  • Learn how to effectively work with different modules including core and third party modules
  • Understand the essentials of DNN design and skinning
  • Get introduced to module development for DNN

Volume 1: Administration

  • Introduction/Installation
  • Portal Overview and Admin Settings
  • Security Roles
  • Users
  • Administration
  • Host Settings
  • Host Portals
  • Host Administration
  • Module Overview
  • Module Installation
  • Working with Modules
  • FAQ Module
  • iFRAME Module
  • Survey Module
  • Third Party Modules
  • Blog Module

Volume 2: Design and Development

  • Skinning Essentials
  • Exploring a Skin Package
  • Skin Usage
  • Containers
  • Design and CSS
  • Developer Environment Configuration
  • Module Template Overview
  • Module Manifests
  • Module Code
  • Module Packaging and End Notes


Joe Craig said:

This was an inspired idea!  

# May 27, 2009 7:55 PM