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DotNetNuke Wiki Module Update

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So it has been a while since I've done a blog post talking about the Wiki module, it is definitely time!

The Wiki project is still rolling along, at this point it is pretty much just myself, no volunteers lately to work on the project, which is fine with me for now, it's good to have the development release as I seem to be doing a lot of sales and DNN Training work at the office these days, not getting to do much development.

If you follow the project on Codeplex ( you might have noticed quite a few checkins lately. I ripped the edit functionality out of start.ascx and put it into an edit.ascx file, I think that was the biggest problem I've had with the  Wiki all along, the original developer chose to put Edit in place with a postback, which made for a really painful process of making changes to the module.

So now that Edit has its own control things are definitely easier to work with in the module. I think I've worked through the issues I've found so far with this change, but I imagine there are few more things that need testing in order to get the module ready for release.

If you have any more issues with the Wiki module be sure to get them into Gemini at so that I can try to get them fixed in this upcoming release.

I will likely have an alpha release later this week available on codeplex with the intention of trying to get a final release into the DNN Release process late next week.

After that it'll be a few weeks before I'm back up and running as my wife and I are moving to Colorado at the end of this month, finally, we've been planning this and looking for a house for almost a year now. (


Mark Gordon said:

Thank you for the lonely work you have been doing.  I think the Wiki has some great potential.  I just think it's pretty much a misunderstood application at this point, but I think the work you are doing could greatly change that!

Thanks again,


# July 16, 2009 12:14 PM