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The powerful .NETMF on your wrist! Meet the Agent
So if you've been under a rock lately, you might have missed this little phenom known as KickStarter. Well today you're going to want to check it out. Secret Labs, the folks who brought you Netduino (hey, I'm wearing a Netduino t-shirt today, what a coincidence...
Customizing the latest Module Dev Project Templates
With the 2.0 release of my module development project templates last week I’ve had a few inquiries into how to customize the templates. You can download the templates from Why Modify the Templates? First, why might...
10 Years of DotNetNuke
In case you haven’t heard, today is our birthday! Back on 12/24/2002, Shaun Walker released an open source project he called (at the time) IBuySpy Workshop in the forums here on . IBSW was a project which containers many enhancements to the... has a problem, it is spam
Is anyone at Microsoft listening to the SPAM problem here on My “ Can anyone do anything about the spam here on ” post from October got over 12 spam comments posted to it in the past 24 hours. I have comments all moderated...
DotNetNuke 7.0 released
It is a big day in the world of DotNetNuke (yes, DNN is still around folks). DNN 7.0 was released today, you can find out more information by visiting Be sure to read Will Morgenweck’s blog post for all the details . For a quick peak into...
New free DotNetNuke 7.0 Skin
With the pending release of DotNetNuke 7, scheduled for this week, I updated my free DotNetNuke (DNN) skin , MultiFunction v1.3 . This latest release requires DotNetNuke 7, it shouldn’t install on an earlier version of DNN. This release updates a number...
Are you ready to grow that Mo (moustache)? Movember is coming
Well here we are, nearing the end of the month of October and coming up on the month of N Movember once again. We here at DNNCorp are in our third year of supporting the Movember cause, growing facial hair on our upper lips to raise awareness and money...
New Visual Studio 2012 Project Templates for DotNetNuke
Earlier this month Microsoft put the bits up for Visual Studio 2012 RTM out on MSDN Subscriber downloads, and during the first two weeks of September they will officially be releasing Visual Studio 2012. I started working with VS2012 late in the release...
Earlier today the latest release of the .NET MicroFramework (v4.2 QFE2) was released over on . You might ask, why does a DotNetNuke guy care about that? Toys! Well, I call them toys, they are my toys. I’ve dabbled with Netduino...
The risks of using hosted resources, hosted jQuery
Long ago when we started shipping jQuery resources with DotNetNuke we began offering a Host Setting which allowed you to use a HOSTED version of the jQuery resources. There are a number of benefits for using the hosted jQuery resources, of which I will...
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