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Customizing the latest Module Dev Project Templates
With the 2.0 release of my module development project templates last week I’ve had a few inquiries into how to customize the templates. You can download the templates from Why Modify the Templates? First, why might...
10 Years of DotNetNuke
In case you haven’t heard, today is our birthday! Back on 12/24/2002, Shaun Walker released an open source project he called (at the time) IBuySpy Workshop in the forums here on . IBSW was a project which containers many enhancements to the...
Are you ready to grow that Mo (moustache)? Movember is coming
Well here we are, nearing the end of the month of October and coming up on the month of N Movember once again. We here at DNNCorp are in our third year of supporting the Movember cause, growing facial hair on our upper lips to raise awareness and money...
DotNetNuke Sessions at the 2012 St. Louis Day of .NET
Coming up this weekend Joe Brinkman (technical fellow) and myself will be presenting at the fifth annual St. Louis Day of .NET in St. Charles, Missouri. This will be my fourth year presenting there, and I believe Joe’s second time. We...
A couple of new open source releases from yours truly
Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling awful open source like. We come from an open source background, and we, DotNetNuke Corporation, are still very very committed to stick with those roots. So I put together a couple of releases for projects I work on, and created a new project as well. Read the full blog post to find out about Wiki Module v4.5 almost ready for Release The World’s Best Free DotNetNuke Skin An Update to the DNNSimpleArticle Module DotNetNuke World ...
DotNetNuke Training Program Update and Changes

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been here at DotNetNuke Corporation now for just over 14 months. In May 2010 we started offering our DotNetNuke Training webinars on a regular basis, this program has been rather successful in it’s first year.

Over the past year we’ve basically offered four core webinars, Portal Admin, Content Admin, Module Dev and Skinning. These were offered on a monthly or semi-monthly basis for the past year. Anyone who paid for one of these courses got access to the recordings for the course for 30 days after they were delivered. This has worked out well from a training perspective, you can see some of the feedback we’ve received from various students over the past year on the Instructor page. Due to the frequency of the courses and the limited bandwidth I have as the sole deliverer of those materials, we haven’t been able to grow our training materials and offer new courses as I would have liked.

Read the full blog post for details about our DotNetNuke Training Subscription!

Attending CMS Expo in Chicago May 2011

If you are in the Chicagoland area, or are up for a trip to Chicago, you should check out the CMS Expo coming up the 2nd through the 4th of May, 2011.

What is CMS Expo?

“CMS Expo is a 3-day learning and business conference designed to help content pros get the facts, find the support and make the contacts needed to help them succeed. Hosted by the CMS Association, CMSX delivers timely, relevant and actionable insights to help leaders make informed decisions for business.” –

Where is CMS Expo?

The CMS Expo is being held at the Hilton Orrington Hotel in Evanston, IL

Who is going?

Shaun Walker, Joe Brinkman and myself (Chris Hammond) from DotNetNuke will be presenting sessions, and we will have Richard Dumas along for the ride as well. We have a number of sessions that we are providing, as well as prizes that will be available at our booth. You can see a full listing of our sessions from the DotNetNuke page of the CMS Expo website.

Upcoming DotNetNuke Training for January 2011
With the New Year, why not resolve to learn more about DotNetNuke ? DotNetNuke is the most successful and widely adopted open source project on the Microsoft Stack. Its been around for eight years and isn’t going away anytime soon. While the software...
A simple DotNetNuke article module with C# and VB.NET Source
For the DotNetNuke Connections conference last month I provided an advanced DotNetNuke module development course as a pre-conference training session. That training covered details on how to implement some of the newer features in the DotNetNuke platform...
San Francisco DotNetNuke User's Group
If you are anywhere in the San Francisco Bay or Silicon Valley area this post is for you. Others are welcome, but you might find the drive a little long depending on where you are. On 3/23/2010 we are going to be holding our first DotNetNuke User’s Group...
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