Can anyone do anything about the spam here on

If there anyone out there who can do something about the spam here on Perhaps we could get some new software here that we could use to blog with? The old software barely works in Chrome (I can't see the rich text editor at this point), and lately the notification emails for Comments (which are mostly spam anyways) are pointing to which tries to get you to login with Anyone still maintaining this place?


  • I agree this is a problem.

    People keep trying to post comments on my BLOG that have links to sites selling women's shoes and such.

  • I think one of the issues with getting anything fixed (spam, working in Chrome, etc) is that they use Wordpress as the basis of site, but updated it the core so much with custom code, updating to latest version of Wordpress would be a major undertaking.

  • 80s rocker, this site runs off CommunityServer, not Wordpress. It might be somewhat customized as well though

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