So a month ago Antonio got me started on, it took me a few weeks to actually start using the site, but I managed to get quite a few items into the site in the month of June and actually won an award! I came in seventh for the month of June and won the following new office mate.

7th Prize: Inflatable Alien
Alien invades a pool
Was it coincidence there was a reported UFO sighting the same night we inflated this green alien? Start your own alien invasion!

Once he arrives I will take some photos of him in my office, along with all the other "things" I have here. He should fit right in!

Thanks to David Silverlight for all the help this past month with, I'm currently working on an enhancement module for DNN that will allow you to submit blog posts/articles made with Engage Publish to

I'll be doing plenty of blogging and forum posts as usual for the month of July, though I don't have any user group presentations currently lined up this month, I am always open to user group requests, and hopefully will have another blog announcement later today with some new cool details about speaking!


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