DotNetNuke OpenForce Keynote

(Live blogging come back soon for more)

So Shaun’s Keynote is about to start, Joe is doing some quick announcements.

The room is packed! People standing in the back.

Looks like about half the room had been to OpenForce last year, maybe more, maybe less.


  • DNN Project Review
  • Corporation Overview
  • What’s on the Horizon?

1.6 Million downloads over the past year, will exceed 2007 by 300k by end of year

5.4 million downloads to date

625k users (out of date now)

100k registrations since 2007


  • Orlando
  • Amsterdam
  • Las Vegas

Product Releases Past Year

DNN 4.X 4.7 .8 .9

269 bugs and 50+ enhancements


  • Behind schedule due to
    • complexity and foundational development necessary
    • RC1 Private
  • Roadmap
    • circle of info from 2007 presentations
      • Social networking
      • workflow
      • Core module suites
      • Dynamic content localization
      • Admin UI+ Skinning Engine
  • Progress
    • Control Panel Enhancements
      • jQuery for module injection
    • Page management enhancements
    • Contemporary standards and compliant skin
    • Security & Administration
      • Increased overall security
      • Deny permissions
        • trumps granted permissions
      • Full control of admin pages/modules
    • Extensions enhancements
      • Consolidated management
      • Packaging improvements
      • Skin and module widgets
    • Skins
      • Designer friendly syntax
      • Super style sheets
  • Overall
    • Many roadmap features in progress
    • Roll-out over multiple releases
    • Release frequency will increase (more than 0 is easy to increase)
    • 451 bugs have been logged and resolved in DNN5
    • 54 enhancements
  • RC2 will be made publicly available today, after noon today (pacific time)
    • Not recommended for production yet, good to start testing your use cases against
  • Poll of the crowd
    • a lot of commercial developers in the crown
    • few skinners
    • more integrators
  • 10 Vendors here this year
  • Community Night
    • 80 prizes, like $80k worth of goods and services

ExactTarget is an email provider for DNN newsletters

  • Micah Squires, Development Manager, talking about how ET is using DNN
    • Marketing shtick
      • leading provider of one-to-one digital messaging
      • 30tb of databases, 135billion rows
      • October
        • 70 million api calls
        • 1.54billion emails
        • 147 tracks per second

Updated info from a secret source, 184 people in the room! great turnout.

      • 3sixty application from ET (sounds like yahoo’s social networking app) (only ET customers)
        • Challenges project presented
          • key players
            • internal business owners
            • ET development team
            • user interface design agency
          • Aggressive timeframe
          • innovative UI
          • grandiose ideas
          • SSO
          • load considerations
        • DNN Framework design (I missed that he was saying this was built on DNN) (thanks tom,
        • Provider module for DNN allowed for easy membership overhaul
        • Skinning allowed for UI overhaul
        • Web farm support
          • Used the DNN provided document for configuration
        • DNN Community
        • Third Party modules leveraged
      • DNN provider the ability to build website quickly
      • Quick stats
        • Site live for 6 weeks
        • 3400 registered users
        • 200 concurrent connections
        • 58 user groups
        • 1400 users
        • 3000 training videos
        • 5000 resource downloads
        • 150 idea posts (idea module) 1200 votes on ideas
      • Final Though
        • DNN is a highly capable enterprise application

Back to shaun

DNN Corp Overview

vision “dotnetnuke will be the most deployed, most valuable and most cost-effective web application platform in the world”

  • Focus
    • Stewardship
      • nurture project growth
      • encourage and facilitate participation
      • stay faithful to OS ideals
    • Strength
      • financial and business strength
      • develop partnerships
      • grow team with smart talented people
    • Opportunity
      • create more opps for vendors
      • increase commercial eco system reach
      • support customer success by innovation
    • Confidence
      • Improve support for business customers
      • Focus on superior product quality
      • Increase trust in company and platform
  • Step 1
    • Free DNN software –> DNN Community Edition
    • + Additional business benefits –> DotNetNuke Professional (The Source You Can Trust)
      • Support
      • Stability
      • Security
      • Scalability
    • Personal opinion here, I don't think this is intended to mean "you have to pay for DNN" it is another option available, there was also some reseller discussion after i left the session.

and I have to go to my session now, I waited for the important announcement!


  • Pictures are also on the openforce08 flickr group

  • So DotNetNuke Professional is just the support program, rebranded? Am I understanding that correctly?

  • This is all my opinion and understanding, nothing official :)
    I don't think it's completely support services, I'll have to wait to see more information from the Corp.

    The Pro version DOES NOT mean that you have to pay for DNN, you can still use DNN and reuse DNN, just as you do now with the Community version, it will still be just as powerful.

  • So, I have been looking for a DNN overview/ whitepapre doc under and got to this site. It looks like you are one of MS henchmen, so figured I would give is to you stright. 1) What a silly name for DNN (DotNetNuke), why not call in for portals 2) I then later found the desired DNN whitepaper after using google, not MSN, bing or MSDN (very sad, can't find MS material undet their own search). 3) Next onto 'bing', what anoter silly name just call it 'MS Seach 2.0'. 4) Have the MS people or MS community learned nothing for the Mac people or the Mac commerical guy who is cleaning your clock, keep it simple, stop making things too complicated; your makert share loss is show this poor pratice. I have been learing Linux the past six months, MS is not the brand it was. I will not pay for MS training or confusion of products, but I will move onto another win platform (ie: non MS). regards

  • Lol, I got called an MS Henchman, cool

  • Dear Douchebag Named Tom,


    -Anonymous Douchebag.

  • LOL Chris ;-) It is inevitable that you will find these kind of comments once you go public on any subject.
    Cheers, keep up the good posts.

  • I suppose if they had named it inuke or ibing all would be fine with Tom....

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