OpenForce Session, Navin’s discussion on open source and commercialization

Open source is better because

  1. open
  2. work closer together
  3. more economic value for $$$ invested than any other model

The Rise and Rise of DotNetNuke

  • Graph of downloads and life cycle stage for open source projects
    • Jboss has the greatest first 4 years, DNN 2nd
  • Estimated 400k servers running DNN
  • 140k downloads per month
  • 200k forum posts
  • 300+ vendors
  • 250 SI’s 20+ hosting companies

Navin’s been discussing the synergy between community and commerce in the DNN world, that commerce and community are the two forces operating inside the ecosystem.

Lots of analogies here about community and commerce…

Must make DNN central and strategic to the enterprise like Sharepoint currently is. Here comes to the pitch ;)

To become strategic we need

  1. Product strength
  2. Strong company
  3. Support system
  4. Strong alliance channel
  5. Choice for extensibility

Sorry I had to cut this short, I had a coughing fit I had to leave the room for.

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