Project Announcement: The Ticket Guys

Engage Software has just launched another website. The new site is a portal for The Ticket Guys ( It is built using the DotNetNuke portal framework, though we had to develop new modules and enhance existing modules to get all of the desired functionality on the site. So if you're looking for St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, or Boston Red Sox tickets be sure to check The Ticket Guys.

Some of the modules in use on the site include the following: A new Content Rotator Module that we will be making available for purchase at next month. We're also using a module to offer Live Chat services on the website. The shopping cart is a fully custom solution also utilizing web services. Other enhancements to the site include customization to the DNN Search as well as new advanced search features. There is also a custom newsfeed ticker implementation using some ComponentArt controls. Finally we have setup custom skin objects to manage the printer friendly and send to a friend functions on the site.

To learn more about Engage Software, the DotNetNuke Specialists, please visit our website at

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  • A nice site but it is HUGE to download. A quick check on shows that rendering the home page, for example, requires 97 HTTP requests and the downloading of over 1MB of files!

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