BizTalk Server 2004 Tracking Playground

HAT is a really cool tool, but as always: sometimes you'd just wish you could control everything yourself.  (If you don't agree: you are not a developer are you? ;-) )  Especially for monitoring the health of your system and for automating certain operations, being able to code a little HAT yourself would be quite handy, wouldn't it?  (Note: Microsoft Operations Manager is there as well to help you, provided that you are working with this application.)

Even more: in a real life scenario, the people monitoring your systems probably won't be BizTalk experts!  Being able to give them some simplified views while:
- hiding all BizTalk "internals"
- written to show the health for just a particular application
- offering the very basic operations like "suspend" or "save this message", specialised for your application
would be a very cool thing to do won't it?

Now: here you are!!  I just opened the GotDotNet floor for a little community collaboration in this area.  And to make it even better: I even added a fully functional sample, showing some basics!

Now, what does the sample exactly offer you?

The BizTalk Server 2004 Tracking Playground is a little HAT-like winform application that supports:
- enumeration of orchestration types
- enumeration of pipeline types (including custom ones)
- enumeration of orchestration instances, filtered on the type of orchestration
- enumeration of pipeline instances, filtered on the type of pipeline
- enumeration of message instances related to a set of given orchestration instances or pipeline instances - that set of instances can be selected using a multi-select listbox
- saving both tracked and suspended messages to disk

Please note that the BizTalk Server 2004 Tracking Playground is not targetted at creating a full featured production quality coded framework for doing tracking operations.  Rather its intention is to provide people who are planning to write their own customised tracking or querying, with a very good head start and some decent sample code!

Note: Since a lot of people on the BTS newgroups keep asking for more samples written in VB.NET, this one was written in VB.NET.  Anyone who would like to rewrite: please let me know and we'll work something out!

Interested?  Please find these cool things on the GotDotNet Workspace for this project or download the V1 version directly.  As always I'd really like to receive tons of feedback and collaboration!!

So that'll be it for today :-)


  • Hi christoff

    It was really usefull in tracking the messages.Good job christoff .Wish you good luck in your feature endeavors



  • hi..
    i tried getting code..but did not get it..
    if possible can you please send the same to my email id
    Appritiate your help...

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