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So, here it is: my very first posting as a  BizTalk Server MVP :-)

TechEd was great... I don't mean "just great",  but rather "REALLY REALLY GREAT"!  Microsoft certainly knows how to organise things.... ("Things" include parties :-) )  Now, as I'm only just back from Amsterdam, I'll point you in some directions you might like, if you like BizTalk Server.  (Like you dó!  I just know for sure :-) )

First of all: the BizTalk Server team has started a new blog.

Further, I'd like to welcome Kevin Smith to the blogosphere as well.  This guy surely knows what BizTalk is about as he was a dev on the BizTalk 2000, 2002 and 2004 release!  Even better: he immediately released a GREAT paper on BizTalk Server 2004 adapter development!

Later this month, I'll publish a paper on pipeline components.  If you plan to dive into this, make sure to check out Gilles post as well.

Further, Scott has announced that the integration PAG is now online.

Love to see such movements in this community!!! 
So... What about you?  Feel like sharing?

Have a nice day!

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