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  • I'm still alive :-)

    Due to several reasons (priority shifts...), it's a while ago I blogged here.  To eliminate all doubts: I'm still alive and still open to all BizTalk/XML/SOA related questions and discussions :-)


  • See you @ TechEd Europe 2004!

    Due to TechEd 2004, there will be some radio silence next week on both this blog and the contributions to the BizTalk Server 2004 public newsgroups.  So, see you all there!!

    Since there has been quite some activity on several postings lately, I'll be addressing each of those comments after next week!  In the mean time: have fun - let's meet in Amsterdam!

    Best regards!



  • A little "thank you" entry!

    Really need to thank some people:

    • First of all to my sweet for doing the great css customisation to this blog and for the past weeks which were really great!  Thanks for all this.  Love ya!
    • Secondly, to Jan, for introducing me to the blogging community.  Jan is a tremendously experienced and respected blogger, and has some high quality sharepoint content online.  If you're into SPS: make sure to check out his brand new Sharepoint 2004 smartpart!!
    • Further, of course, to Scott, for getting my blog up and running!
    • And last - but certainly not least - to Tom, for getting my previous article online on MSDN and for introducing me as well :-)
    • To Carlo, thanks for the welcoming :-) - I'll be in Amsterdam as well :-)))

    So, to all of you: thanks :-)