Convert Latitude and Longitude

As a pilot, I frequently need to convert latitude and longitude coordinates from one system to another.  The aircraft GPS accepts coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds form.  However, various pieces of software I get decimal degress such as 47.48781 North and 122.17476 West.

I found a quick way on the web to convert them at

The result is:

47° 29' 16.1161" Latitude
122° 10' 29.1360" Longitude

For this example, I choose an interesting place.  Can anyone tell me what is located there?


  • Aha! The TOPO! package I got to produce hiking maps just showed a point on the western edge of Greenwood Cemetery in Renton, WA. MSN Maps ( was more useful - that's where Jimi Hendrix is buried.

  • I used Mapquest and it pointed me to Greenwood Memorial Park.

    FYI - Mapquest can use decimal or degrees,minutes,seconds to find any lat/lon

  • Thanks for the link to the site. I have this site: that allows you to convert datums as well as format. It also converts to UTM. Great blog.

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