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May 2004 - Posts

  • The Seeds Of a Rights Scandal In Iraq

    Former President Jimmy Carter wrote an excellent editorial about how current US policies are affecting human rights in Iraq and elsewhere.

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  • Handy Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

    Here are keyboard shortcuts for use with Internet Explorer.  Most work on all versions since 4.01.  Not an exhustive list, just those that I use often.

    This scrolls downward a page at a time.  Note that oftentimes a form control or a ActiveX object (like Flash) can have the focus and consume the keystroke.

    ALT+Left Arrow and ALT+Right Arrow
    Move backwards and forwards.  Same as pressing the Back and Forward toolbar buttons.  Very handy

    Add the current page to Favorites without prompting

    Move focus to the Address bar.  This is handy when you have a search toolbar, as you can then press TAB and have the focus placed in the search text box.

    Go to your home page

    Open a new browser window

    Switch to full-screen mode.  Great when needing to maximize the viewing area

    Posted May 06 2004, 01:42 PM by ChuckOp with 11 comment(s)
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