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August 2004 - Posts

  • Caption Contest

    I saw this photo several days ago and it just screams for a funny caption.  I asked some of my friends for their take and got a lot of replies.  The printable ones are below.  Feel free to add your own.

    U.S. President George W. Bush holds an ear of raw sweet corn that he ate on a visit to the Bettendorf farmers' market during a campaign stop in Iowa, August 4, 2004. Bush is on a three-day campaign swing through middle America in the hotly contested states of Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Michigan. REUTERS/Jason Reed US ELECTION

    Speaking at a luncheon in Iowa Thursday, President Bush said "To those who hate us, to the evil-minded ones who would destroy our way of life, I have two words for you: Abu Ghraib prison."

    "How come it tastes all weird and uncooked?"

    "Damn it.  This corn just makes me miss Jack Daniel's sour corn meal mash whisky.  Why did I ever dry out?"

    "You want me to stuff this where?!"

    Speaking at a luncheon in Iowa Thursday, President Bush admits the military's plan to improve the morale of reservists at Abu Grahib prison by providing them with fresh, rather than creamed, corn failed miserably when the American picnic staple was instead used for sinister purposes.

    "This is your brain on Kerry"

    Special thanks to Doc for a couple of unmentionable quotes.

    Original photo at

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  • Convert Latitude and Longitude

    As a pilot, I frequently need to convert latitude and longitude coordinates from one system to another.  The aircraft GPS accepts coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds form.  However, various pieces of software I get decimal degress such as 47.48781 North and 122.17476 West.

    I found a quick way on the web to convert them at

    The result is:

    47° 29' 16.1161" Latitude
    122° 10' 29.1360" Longitude

    For this example, I choose an interesting place.  Can anyone tell me what is located there?

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