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Apple Mouse Marks Mighty Change

Various pundits want to proclaim Apple's new multi-button mouse as a major departure and admission that clean design (in the form of a one-button can't be screwed up manner) isn't always acceptable to the consumer.

Recall that the original Macintosh keyboard did not have cursor keys.  The original vision was to have the mouse perform all functions, while the keyboard was solely for text input.  Steve Jobs and Macintosh team wanted to force people into using the mouse for all operations, even scrolling pages of text.

After several months, Apple realized their folly and made a keyboard with a number pad and cursor keys.  I don't know if that was introduced along with the "Fat Mac" in October 1984 or was slipstreamed into the Macintosh production line.  I know that it hard to get one of those original keyboards.  I am looking for one by the way!

Review: Apple Mouse Marks Mighty Change - Yahoo! News

Published Aug 17 2005, 10:28 AM by ChuckOp
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