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  • Authenticating your windows domain users in the cloud

    Moving to the cloud can represent a big challenge for many organizations when it comes to reusing existing infrastructure. For applications that drive existing business processes in the organization, reusing IT assets like active directory represent good part of that challenge. For example, a new web mobile application that sales representatives can use for interacting with an existing CRM system in the organization.

  • Pub/Sub in the cloud for IT Management

    In the recent “Build” event, Microsoft introduced a new feature Windows Server 8 known as “Windows Powershell Web Access” for exposing a the server powershell console through a web interface. Although this feature looks very promising in first place, I only think it is convenient for intranet scenarios. I don’t initially see an organization exposing their servers directly to internet for using this feature from a phone as it represents a high risk.

  • Caching strategies for SOAP and REST Services

    SOAP services are in nature transport agnostics so they can not rely on specific transport features. Http is a great example where SOAP services make a poor use of Http as application protocol. This means that many of the http constraints are simply ignored, http headers are not used at all, messages are not self descriptive (You can not easily infer what a message does by looking at the content), the uniform interface is not used either as everything goes as a POST to the server and the list keeps growing. This makes impossible to leverage the existing web architecture and use intermediaries for caching results.