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  • Custom domains for Azure Hosted Services

    A hosted service in azure is typically assigned with two public addresses, one for the production environment with a DNS name ending in such as [your name] and an auto generated DNS name for the staging environment such as There are multiple reasons you might want to map your custom domain name to these public names in Azure, but these are the most common ones I can imagine,

  • Pub/Sub in the cloud for IT Management

    In the recent “Build” event, Microsoft introduced a new feature Windows Server 8 known as “Windows Powershell Web Access” for exposing a the server powershell console through a web interface. Although this feature looks very promising in first place, I only think it is convenient for intranet scenarios. I don’t initially see an organization exposing their servers directly to internet for using this feature from a phone as it represents a high risk.

  • Hosting your own Pub/Sub in the cloud with AppHarbor and Hermes

    As you might read in my latest post, Hermes is one our new pet projects in Tellago for doing Pub/Sub over http. The idea is simple, but still very useful for integration scenarios in the enterprise. The fact that Hermes is all based on Http and uses one of the most famous open source initiatives for NoSQL databases like MongoDB, makes this project very appealing for the cloud as well. Many of the cloud platforms already provide MongoDB as a service that you can use in your applications hosted in the cloud.

  • To push, or not to push, the Web Socket dilemma

    Web Sockets is a relatively new specification introduced as part of HTML 5 to support a full duplex-communication channel over http in web browsers.  This  represents a great advance toward real-time and event driven web applications. Before Web Sockets jumped in scene, the only available  solutions for emulating real time notifications in web applications were different variants of Http Long polling. Real time notifications in this context became particularly important for specific scenarios, such as reporting stock pricing updates, online gaming or news reports to name a few.

  • Pub/Sub in the cloud–A brief comparison between Azure Service Bus and PubNub

    Publish/Subscribe in the cloud has became relatively important lately as an integration pattern for business to business scenarios between organizations. The major benefit of using a service hosted in the cloud as intermediary is that publishers and subscribers don’t need to be publicly addressable, be in the same network  or be able to talk each other directly. The cloud infrastructure allows this intermediary service to scale correctly as the number of publishers or subscribers increase, and also to act as a firewall for brokering the communication (Publishers or subscribers need explicit permissions to connect, send or receive messages from the intermediary service).