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  • AgileSight, my new venture

    Another important milestone in my career started three years ago when I joined Tellago. I convinced my friend Jesus to hire me, and I would eventually move to the United States with my family to work in the company.  That never occurred for some personal things, but I fortunately had a chance to create an excellent team of very talented people in Argentina. I started myself working remotely from Argentina, and the things went so well for the company that we end up hiring more than 15 great architects down here in Argentina.  Creating this team was a very interesting and completely new challenge in my career.


  • I am joining Tellago

    On May 18th, I will officially become part of Tellago.  I will be joining a great team with people that I respect immensely like Jesus Rodriguez, DonXml, or Joe Klug to name a few. Thanks guys for give me this opportunity!!.

    I am leaving Clarius after almost two years of service. I got involved in a lot of interesting projects there, and what is more important, I had a chance to work with an excellent team of “all-stars” developers. I would like to thank Clarius and wish them the best in the future!


  • MVP again 2009!!

    I just got great news!  MVP in Connected Systems for another year.

    I want to thank Ed Hickey, my MVP lead Fernando Garcia Loera, and the rest of people involved in the evaluation process for once again considering my efforts in the community worthy of recognition.

    Thanks again Microsoft!!!


  • Codecamp Buenos Aires 2008

    The next Microsoft Codecamp will take place in Buenos Aires on Saturday, October 4th.

    The agenda looks very promising, be sure to register if you want to attend! (The complete agenda is available in the Miguel Saenz's blog , almost 10 sessions in parallel, WOW)

    I will be presenting an introductory session about the ASP.NET MVC framework and another a little more interesting about building RESTfull services with WCF. 

    I hope to see there !!. Thanks


  • My first MVP summit

    As a MVP rookie, the only thing I can say is that the event met all the expectations I had before traveling to Seattle, the wait was worth it. I could attend a lot of interesting sessions about WCF, WWF, and OSLO among others, which gave me a complete picture about where Microsoft is headed in the future with respect to Service oriented applications.

    Another interesting aspect of the summit was the opportunity to meet other MVPs in person, very smart people and community leaders like Scott Hanselman, Roy Osherove (IXMLSerializable), Sam Gentile, Jesus Rodriguez or Roman Kiss (The brain behind many of the cool WSE, WWF and WCF cool samples that you can find around) to name a few.  

    I look forward to attending the summit again next year :).


  • MVP Again 2008!!!

    I am so excited, this is third time I received the Microsoft MVP award. Thanks to all people involved in the evaluation process and my MVP lead Fernando Garcia Loera.

    I am looking forward to continue that collaborating throughout this year.

    Thanks again Microsoft!!!