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I have just finished reading the Jimmy Nilsson's book, "Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns", what a great book. This book really helps me to clarify a lot of concepts regarding DDD and others buzz-words I had around in my head for a while.

Jimmy describes different aspects and insights of DDD from a developer (or architect) perspective, the theory and practice needed to successfully apply this approach in any project.  

He also describes other useful techniques like TDD (Test Driven Development), or concepts like SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming). Gurus like Udi Dahan, or Claudio Perrone are also contributed in that part of the book.

The samples are in C#, but they are easy to understand for any OO developer.

If you read the "Domain-Driven Design .." book from Eric Evans, and you only found theory, this is an starting point to get your hands dirty with DDD in a real .NET project. 

I was a avid follower of the Microsoft "Three-Layered Architecture" approach until I read this book, and now I can see the big differences between these two approaches. Paul Gielens has also made a great work contrasting both approaches in this blog post.

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