CRUD Interface for a Service - Is a bad practice ?

I have been reading in different places that using a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface for a service is considered a bad practice or anti-pattern. Therefore, this kind of interface should be avoided at all cost.

I am not agree with this at all, when I hear the word CRUD, I assume something like this:

  • CreateCustomer (Create new customer)
  • ModifyCustomer (Modify an existing customer)
  • DeleteCustomer (Delete an existing customer)
  • FindCustomer (Find an existing customer)

This is typical case of a CRUD interface to manage data related to a customer entity.

What happens if those services represent real business events in the system that I am trying to model, and the design of them also adheres to the four tenets of service orientation, is that considered a bad practice as well ?.

I do not think so.

The sample given in this article "Principles of Service Design: Service Patterns and Anti-Patterns"  shows an ugly sample of CRUD interface, and it is ok to consider it an anti-pattern. However, not all the CRUD interfaces are modeled in that way, in fact, I have never seen such a bad design as the one shown in that sample.

What do think ?. I would like to hear any opinion about this topic.


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