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  • Overview of FeedSync support in the Microsoft Sync Framework

    If you have not heard about "FeedSync" yet, it is the official name of an open and interoperable standard for representing synchronization metadata in a XML format. This specification was formerly called by Microsoft as "SSE" (Simple Sharing Extensions), and its name was changed to "FeedSync" prior to the first release version.

  • Federation Over TCP With WCF

    One of the discussions that we had during the last summit with the rest of "Connected Systems" MVPs was the possibility of supporting a Federation Scenario over TCP in WCF. For many of us that scenario was possible in theory, but unfortunately no documentation or samples existed to support it. In fact, WCF only comes with pre-built binding for federation scenarios, the "WsFederationHttpBinding" binding, which is completely tied to Http.

  • My first MVP summit

    As a MVP rookie, the only thing I can say is that the event met all the expectations I had before traveling to Seattle, the wait was worth it. I could attend a lot of interesting sessions about WCF, WWF, and OSLO among others, which gave me a complete picture about where Microsoft is headed in the future with respect to Service oriented applications.