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  • A good way to handle claim based security in RESTful services

    Dominick just blogged what I think is one of the best ways to provide claim based security for RESTful services at the moment. The idea of using simple web tokens for RESTful services I’ve been in my head for a while, but I was not able to find enough the time to implement it. Fortunately, Dominick already did it for us, so it’s really great to have a sample with that.

  • “The system cannot find the file specified” error in the WIF FAM module

    The Federation Authentication Module (FAM) shipped as part of WIF protects by the default the session cookies from being tampered with in passive scenarios using DPAPI. As I mentioned in the past, this technique simplifies a lot the initial deployment for the whole solution as nothing extra needs to configured, the automatically generated DPAPI key is used to protect the cookies, so this might be reason to have that as default protection mechanism in WSE, WCF and now WIF.

  • Monitoring your WCF services with AppFabric

    Windows AppFabric (Previously known as Dublin) introduces a new built-in mechanism for monitoring the execution of the WCF services, all the events generated during the execution or the interaction with other services. While the message trace capabilities in WCF already provided some detail about the execution and the exchanged messages, it was a feature more suitable for troubleshooting and error diagnosis.   The performance counters did not help in this area either, as they provided live service usage statistics, which sometimes resulted very useful to determine possible bottlenecks.