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  • Using Windows Azure Regions efficiently

    Moving your application to the cloud might not be easy as it sounds. The typical sample we always see in documentation or demos about an ASP.NET application created from the Visual Studio template and deploy it in Azure as a package is definitely very far from reality. There are multiple factors that can affect the response time and availability of your applications in the cloud but you can not easily see until you embark on a real project. Application distribution and deployment is one of those factors, and the one we are going to discuss in this post.


  • Custom domains for Azure Hosted Services

    A hosted service in azure is typically assigned with two public addresses, one for the production environment with a DNS name ending in such as [your name] and an auto generated DNS name for the staging environment such as There are multiple reasons you might want to map your custom domain name to these public names in Azure, but these are the most common ones I can imagine,