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In the previous post, I discussed how bad was to expose EF entities directly as data contracts from a perspective of “interoperability”. This also revealed a lot of internal implementation details about EF that the client applications should not worry...
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Do you want to see something very ugly ?. Try to send a complete EF entity directly as a data contract over the wire with WCF, <Order xmlns:i=" " z:Id="i1" xmlns:z="
The other day, my team and I ran into some design issues while trying to split a big Entity Framework model into smaller pieces according to areas of functionality. At first glance, it seemed to be a common design problem, something easy to overcome,...
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As I promised in my previous post "OAuth Channel for WCF RESTful services", it is now time to show this new channel in action with a real service. To make this sample more interesting, I decided to base this implementation on an ADO.NET service that provides...
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